Getting Cozy in Mock Crest Tavern’s New Booth

Date night just got better at Mock Crest Tavern, with the recent installation of our new long booth at the back of the bar.


The booth stretches along one wall and accommodates two tables and eight seats. With a covered long bench on one side and chairs on the other, it’s perfect for private couples to enjoy an intimate conversation or a group of friends to share a few beers and a little conversation out of the way of the traffic flow to the back patio.


Mock’s previously empty eastern wall caught the attention of owners Jon and Rainer a few weeks ago when they were thinking about their next project to make the tavern an even better bar for its North Portland neighbors. Now it’s the perfect place to sit down to one of Mock’s breakfasts, a cocktail with co-workers after work, or to listen to one of the great bands that play on the Mock Crest Tavern “carpet stage” throughout the week.

Mock_Crest_Tavern Logo

Stop in today and slide into Mock Crest Tavern’s latest addition—our new corner booth! It’s a great place to share a drink and have some conversation in a private corner of your favorite North Portland neighborhood bar.


The Ambiance of Big Bossa Quartet at Mock Crest Tavern

Music sets the mood wherever its heard and when Big Bossa Quartet plays the laid back sound of Latin, blues, jazz, and pop the mood at Mock Crest Tavern is of the classic cocktail lounge that defined the social life of the 1950s and 60s.

2016-10-28 05.22.52.jpg

Big Bossa Quartet, made up of Evan Shlaes on the vibraphone, Clark Salisbury on guitar, Dave Captien on bass and Fred Ingram on drums mix the old hits with new versions of familiar modern day hits, like “Easy Rider” like you’ve never heard them before.

2016-10-28 05.21.57.jpg

Bandleader Shlaes has been part of the music scene since his teenage years in Chicago coffeehouses and bars. In the 1970s he came out to the West Coast and found a home in Portland. “We love playing at Mock Crest Tavern. The people who come out to hear our music are right in the middle of it with us on the floor. It’s a great community to share our music with,” says Shlaes. “And I always look forward to a Mock Crest Blues Burger,” he adds with a wink.

“We love playing at Mock Crest Tavern. The people who come out to hear our music are right in the middle of it with us on the floor. It’s a great community to share our music with, and I always look forward to a Mock Crest Blues Burger.” 

– Evan Shales

2016-10-28 05.23.17.jpg

I dropped in at Mock Crest Tavern last month to hear Big Bossa Quartet and found that the music was perfect for an evening out on the town. It’s the type of sound that calls for a sophisticated drink from the bar and a Mai Tai was my choice for the evening.


Come out to Mock Crest Tavern every fourth Friday of the month to hear the sweet sounds of a classic lounge band, Big Bossa Quartet and try the band’s favorite Mock Crest Blues Burger—no tux required.

Mock Crest Tavern’s Cocktails Are No Joke

Cocktails, Mocktails—When you order a cocktail at some bars you’re guaranteed a concoction with specific ingredients but not always in the amounts that’s going to make a great tasting drink. At NoPo’s Mock Crest Tavern customer expectations are always part of the recipe.


View the beauty of a perfectly made Mai Tai. Its graduating shades of red, orange and yellow reminds you of a tropical sunset and promises another night to remember. I ordered this drink on a summer evening when I went to Mock to hear The Adequates play and it represented the first moment of relaxation after a busy day at work.


My go-to drink at Mock is an Amaretto Sour. It’s an easy drink with amaretto liqueur, ice and a splash or two of sweet and sour mix. Sweet and smooth, I look forward to it before diving into Mock’s spicy Habanero Bacon Blue Burger.


When I stop in at Mock for breakfast I can’t resist waking up with a spiked coffee. I’ve tried all versions—Irish, Mexican, and Spanish—and all provided the right mix of coffee to get me started and a bit of alcohol to start off the day just right.

Mock Crest Hot Toddy.JPG

Next time you’re in the mood for a cocktail, and you want to be sure you’re getting what you’re paying for, head toward Mock Crest Tavern on Lombard Street in North Portland—you won’t leave disappointed after having one of these “Mocktails.”

Mock_Crest_Tavern Logo

Welcome Back, University of Portland Students


The 2016-2017 school year has arrived and Mock Crest Tavern wants to extend a warm welcome to the students of the University of Portland. Mock is many things to many people, so here’s a little background on North Portland’s favorite neighborhood bar.


We’re a Music Venue

Mock has deep roots in Portland’s music scene. Throughout the month we showcase local, national and international acts on our “Mock Crest Carpet Stage.” We feature several acts throughout the week and there’s never a cover charge. Check out our calendar to see who’s playing tonight.


We’ve Got Great Food

There’s nothing like a home cooked meal when you’re deep in the books. Don’t deprive yourself of that tasty treat; join us for one of our daily specials our cooks prepare in our cart-sized kitchen. Our regular menu features all the pub grub you love from soup to nuts, and don’t leave without trying one of our pudding shots for desert.


We’ve Got Great Beer, too!

Of course, we’ve got all the great beer that gives our city the moniker; Beervana! Foreign, domestic, and local craft beers stand side-by-side with the latest craze, hard cider, in our rotating taps selection. Check out our leaderboard to see what’s being poured in real time. And, we serve great wines and top-shelf spirits, too!

Greeley Quizzys

We’ve Got Game

Every Sunday Mock Crest Tavern welcomes Quizzy Trivia, a bar trivia game with off-the-wall host, Roy Smallwood. He comes armed with categories that we think we know well, and questions that will prove we don’t. But this team game is all for fun—and a few prizes.

If a game of cards is more your speed join us on Monday evenings for our weekly Texas Hold ‘em games. It’s the kind of game that’s been played in our bar ever since the doors opened, and the tradition continues with laid back games and plenty of beer.

We also have Keno and lotto games and four TVs to watch all your favorite sporting events.

Mock - Free WiFI.jpg

We’ve Got Free WiFi

Just what every modern student needs to get through a semester of college; free WiFi! At Mock Crest Tavern you’ll be able to work on your paper while you listen to live music and enjoy a tasty beer. Our bar is open from 9am-2:30pm every day, with a breakfast menu and plenty of friendly staff to keep you moving through those books.

Look for the Portland Bluesman when you’re heading west on Lombard Street, then come inside one of North Portland’s best neighborhood bars; Mock Crest Tavern!

Rainer - Mock Crest Mural

More to Love at Mock Crest Tavern

It’s a well-known fact that Mock Crest Tavern is a North Portland haven for music lovers, but did you know it’s a place for sports lovers, too?

Mock - Sports

We’ve got the best cable sports packages playing the best in games from the moment we open at 9am until closing at 2:30pm. And, with several televisions placed in strategic spots around our bar you can watch your favorite teams hour after hour.

Yukon - Olympic

The 2016 Olympics are about to begin in Rio and our TVs will be running all the best American competition as they go for the gold. Follow your favorites all the way to the podiums while you sit comfortably at our long bar with a beer in hand.

Mock - Sports

On the heels of the Olympics we get to watch the highlight of summer sports; the World Series. It’s still to be decided who will be facing off on the diamond, but there’s no question that the best way to enjoy the games is with friends and an ice cold beer.

Mock Crest Header

Our rotating taps feature great foreign, domestic, and local craft beers that are ready to be a part of your celebration at the end of the game.

Mock - Burgers

And, our menu is filled with all the great food you’d want at a tailgate party.

Mock - Outside Shot

When you’re in the mood for a game join us at Mock Crest Tavern to watch them on our six TVs, then stick around for the music that makes our bar the best place in North Portland to celebrate the gold!

Join the Mock Crest Tavern “Club”

In a culinary culture that is always trying to outdo itself its nice to know you can return to the tried and true classic when you tire of the competitive spirit. That was my mood when I joined the crowd at Mock crest Tavern last Friday and dug into one of their Club Sandwiches.

2016-07-22 13.10.29

Constructed as a triple-decker stack of meat, cheese, and veggies, this sandwich encapsulates all the great ingredients of traditional sandwiches. Savory ham, roast turkey and the crispy crunch of bacon, cheddar and lettuce and tomato on three slices of sourdough bread. With its fresh ingredients, Mock Crest Tavern has initiated me into the Club Sandwich fan club!

2016-07-22 13.22.39

I ordered a side of beer-battered onion rings that were juicy and sweet and a glass of Rev. Nat’s Sour Cherry cider to wash it all down. I’ve become a big fan of ciders over the last year and find their mild, fruity taste a great compliment to the saltiness of the sandwich and sides served at Mock.

2016-07-22 12.58.29

Mock Crest Tavern’s menu has many great cold sandwiches to choose from on these hot summer days and each is based on a classic, and their rotating drafts feature tasty selections of beer and cider. Check out their menu to see all the great combinations you can order next time you stop in at North Portland’s favorite “dive” bar.

Mock Crest Tavern

Rock on, Mock Crest Tavern Music Lovers!

This summer Mock is featuring the bands you love to hear with the beers we love to serve. The joint will be jumpin’ and we’ll all be having a good time when our favorite musicians come out to play for us every Thursday, Friday and Saturday this month on the Mock Crest Tavern “Carpet Stage.”

2015-08-07 03.36.23

Our venue may be small but that’s what makes it special, for both the crowd and the band. Again and again, the musicians tell me they love playing at Mock because of its intimate size that allows them to really get to know their fans. Many of whom they call friends.

Mock:Tracey Fordice-001

But how does the music sound in such a small venue, you may ask. Well, we’re happy to tell you it sounds great! Being so close to the band takes the music to another level. A heart level. As the steady beat of the drum marches through the song your heart follows. As the rhythm rises to a crescendo, crests, falls, then rises again your thoughts travel with it. And as the melody plays out the emotion of the song you share the same highs and lows as everyone in the room.

Mock - Decible Counter

A secret to that perfect sound is our decibel counter. You might have noticed the electric meter perched on the wall above the cash register, with its red numbers changing continually throughout the evening. When the bands play you’ll see those numbers tracking the sound of the song and they typically stay between 90-100. The perfect volume for this venue, according to oratory research.

Mock Crest Friends

We have twelve more nights of music left this month, so plan a few nights out at Mock Crest Tavern in North Portland to hear great live bands, meet music lovers like yourself, and watch our decibel meter race up and down in time to the music.