Alexa Wiley – Musical Mistress of the Metaphor

One of the most popular bands to call Mock Crest Tavern home is Alexa Wiley and the Wilderness.

Alexa is leader of the band: singer, songwriter and all around lover of the great outdoors. Alexa is known far and wide for her songwriting skills and her magical use of the metaphor. Hence, the band’s tagline “Metaphorical music that rocks.”  Take a listen here.

Alexa Wiley at Mock Crest Tavern

Alexa Wiley and the Wilderness perform regularly at Mock Crest Tavern.

Truth be told, Alexa uses the metaphor like Betty Crocker uses flour. Her songs about the environment come from the heart and are rich in meaning. 

For Alexa, the environment is not just a subject of her songs, it is her life. When she’s not busy touring with her band, she is working for the U.S. Forest Service and championing Outdoor School for All, Columbia Riverkeeper, and other outdoor causes.

Alexa Wiley and the Wilderness

Alexa champions the environment and the great outdoors in many of her songs.

Her bandmates represent a who’s who of Portland’s music scene, with Bret Malmquist on lead guitar, Dale Turnbull on bass, Sean Oldham on drums, and Steve Dearborn playing most anything that will make a sound. The band’s creations are an eclectic mix of jazz, country, and folk that is otherwise all but impossible to classify. But who needs a label, right? 

Be sure to check the Mock Crest and Yukon Tavern Event Calendars for upcoming dates. You can also purchase her music at her website.

Alexa Wiley at Yukon Tavern

Alexa and her band also appear regularly at our sister pub Yukon Tavern.

Alexa and The Wilderness appear regularly at Mock Crest Tavern and her sister pub Yukon Tavern. They love playing the local tavern scene and especially enjoy the intimacy of each setting. Says bandmate Dale Turnbull, “We love the feeling of having the audience right on our laps.”

I assume he is speaking metaphorically.

Missing Mock Crest Tavern

The time has come to bid a fond farewell to one of my favorite North Portland taverns where I go to relax and enjoy an evening out with friends. I’m moving to a new city now and packing up my suitcase of memories that I’ve made at Mock Crest Tavern.

Mock - Good Times1

The Best in Live Music in Portland

I’ve spent many nights at Mock, listening to some of the best live music you’ll find in Portland. I’ve gotten to know a few of the band members and witness their passion for music. Every time I go out to Mock to hear a band I know I’m in for a memorable night.

Delicious Food and Drink

Mock’s pint-sized kitchen is legendary for turning out delicious food. Their daily specials surprise and delight and their weekend breakfasts go far beyond what you’d expect of a small neighborhood tavern.

Likewise, their drink selection is above par. Inventive, delicious, and timely; their drinks are made to satisfy by Mock’s expert bartenders who are devoted to their art.

Mock - Cheeseburger Sliders1

The Atmosphere

Mock Crest Tavern is just the kind of place I look for when I want to relax after a day at work. It’s a quiet little bar with a laid-back atmosphere when I get there at five and, when the band kicks up at nine, I’m ready for a joyful night of great blues, rock, and Americana music.


I may have to say good-bye to Mock Crest Tavern, but my memories will keep me smiling. Don’t miss out on your chance to make those same kinds of memories every week at Mock Crest Tavern.

Good Food + Good Music = Good Times at Mock Crest Tavern

Add it up—when you want to kick back, relax, and enjoy a night out what you go searching for is good food, good music and good people to share them with. You’ll find the answer to that equation right here at Mock Crest Tavern, North Portland’s best blues venue.

Mock - Patio1

It doesn’t take a genius to figure out why Mock Crest Tavern is the best place to gather with friends on these beautiful spring days. From juicy burgers and tasty drinks, to the great bands and fun staff; Mock has everything you’ll need to have a memorable night out in Portland.


Now that our patio is open for the summer, you get extra bonus points for choosing an intimate backyard setting for your evening entertainment. It’s got the same feel as your own backyard, with a grassy lawn floor and the warming comfort of heat lamps to keep you toasty when the sun goes down.

Mock - Patio1

And, of course, nothing is better at a backyard party than a fresh burger and a cool alcoholic drink. We’ve got seven burgers and sliders that you can custom order just the way you like them. We’ve also got a full bar with top shelf liquor, a large selection of wines, and eight beers on tap (and more beer and ciders in bottles and cans) to go along with your meal.

MCT - Kitchen

Do the math—Mock Crest Tavern scores high marks in all the important subjects: good food, good music, and good times. Come out to Mock tonight for an evening that’s one for the books!

Harvey Brindell and the Tablerockers Bring the Blues to Mock Crest Tavern

Playing the blues isn’t just about hittin’ every note perfectly. The blues is a different kind of music—one that requires both your skill and your soul. Harvey Brindell and the Tablerockers can claim both when they pick up their instruments and take the stage at Mock Crest Tavern.

Harvey Brindell and the Tablerockers

Harvey Brindell tells stories from his own life and others when he picks up his guitar. Sometimes they are rollickin’ fun and sometimes they pack an emotional punch, but they always come straight from his soul. With a career spanning over thirty years and stretching across the Northeast, Southeast, Midwest, and now the Pacific Northwest, Brindell can pick and choose the regional sound he wants to accompany his storytelling to bring even more authenticity to his music.

Mock - Harvey Brindell

Brindell’s bandmates, the Tablerockers, add their own stylized storytelling skills to the music. With Ray Beltran on harmonica and vocals, Richard Wilkins on bass and vocals, and Jon Barber on drums, they have taken their place in Portland’s live music scene. In recent years they have received awards from the Cascade Blues Association and have backedblues legends across the United States.

Harvey Brindell and the Tablerockers

Image by: Penny Kay Photography

With his signature Chicago “bluesman” style—a fedora and sharp suit—Harvey Brindell not only performs the blues, he lives the blues. Because of this, Brindell’s shows offer an authenticity that is impossible to duplicate.

Join your friends at Mock Crest Tavern on Saturday, April 13th at 9pm to experience true Chicago blues with Harvey Brindell and the Tablerockers.

The Larks Land with a Song at Mock Crest Tavern

Our skies are blue and the birds are singing—Spring is back!.

They bring with them infusion jazz, pop, and blues classics that will usher in the new season with a sweet spirited Latin vibe.

Mock - The Larks

A Style All Their Own
Singer Robin Ady’s voice is a smooth, warm upfront instrument that can take you on a wild musical ride as easily as it rolls smoothly along with softer melodies. Ady’s husband, Bryon Ady, provides the soulful keyboard accompaniment as he improvises based on influences from jazz greats George Gershwin to Thelonious Monk. Johny Powell brings the sparkle to their sound with his horn and, altogether, the musical soul of this trio sings loud and true.

The Lark’s blend of musical influences stretch across several genres to create a moving, fun songbook. They’ll start off their set at Mock with a rollicking, hot upbeat song to get us into the right party mood, then slow it down for to relax the crowd as we sit back and settle in for a great show.

Mock - The Larks copy

What Fans are Saying

The Larks’ musical philosophy follows what “Mr. Guitar” Chet Atkins once said,  “Hot can be cool and cool can be hot and each can be both. But hot or cool man, Jazz is Jazz.” Because of this, The Larks have racked up a nest full of fans across Portland who describe their music as “lifting,” “soothing,” and “mellow,” making them the perfect band to welcome in the most beautiful season of the year.

Make a plan to join The Larks at Mock Crest Tavern on Saturday, March 30that 9pm. They’ll be entertaining our North Portland crowd with the warmth of smooth jazz and a song that comes straight from the heart.

Looking for Love at Mock Crest Tavern

Celebrate Valentine’s Day at Mock Crest Tavernwith live music, great food and drinks, and a toast to your special someone!

Mock - V-Day

Claes Almroth Trio Serenades the Crowd

This year, Valentine’s Day falls on a Thursday, the first day of our weekly three day weekends. The Claes Almroth Triowill be taking the stage that night to give us a memorable evening of great live music. If you love the blues,  you’ll love this band. And, if you aren’t a fan of Valentine’s Day, the blues, with its soulful styling, is the perfect musical genre for you! Claes is a regular at Mock Crest Tavern and often brings his friends along to join him in providing the musical backdrop to our weekends.

Mock - V-Day_Victor

The Best Drinks to Toast Your Love

No Valentine’s Day would be complete without a fine glass of wine to toast your love. Our bar carries the best wines, including favorite award-winning vintages from our very own, beloved Willamette Valley.

Mock - V-Day1

If you’re favorite drink happens to be beer you’re sure to fall in love with our selection of foreign, domestic and craft brews. Check out our seasonal selections for a special treat and try out a new flavor of your favorite brand.

Mock - V-Day2

Put a sophisticated spin on your evening with a expertly crafted cocktail made by Mock’s imaginative bartenders. We’ve got a full bar with top shelf liquor that can add a special punch to your favorite drinks. Try out our specials and get experimental with the new concoctions we’ve designed for the month.

Spend Valentine’s Day with your special someone at Mock Crest Tavern. We’ll give you the love you’re looking for with great live music and a special toast that shows we know just how special you a

Castletown Stirs Up the Fun at Mock Crest Tavern

You can always count on a fun night when one of Mock Crest Tavern’s regular bands are warming up for their turn on our “Carpet Stage.” I joined the crowd recently for another round of Castletownand found myself smack dab inside North Portland’s best party.

Mock - Castletown5

With Robert Richter on guitar, Katie Lubiens on fiddle and both contributing vocally, their music combines the lively spirit of the Irish fiddle and traditional American music based in the blues, jazz, rock, and classical. You mix it all together and you get rollicking AmeriCeltic tunes that is perfect for a night spent with friends. As PortlandNotes has said, they are a band “so unique – they’re in a genre all their own!”


This fun duo is a much-loved Pacific Northwest band, performing an average of 120 shows up and down the West Coast, as well as on local television. They have also released several albums and you can get a preview what you’ll hear at our bar by visiting their website.


Castletown is just one of the many great band that have become favorites of the Mock Crest Tavern crowd. They play monthly on our “Carpet Stage” and you can join us this month on Thursday, August 16that 9pm for Robert Richter and Katie Lubiens’s performance as the Castletown Duo. We’ve got the Guinness and Jameson Irish Whiskey ready to fortify this Irish themed night.

For more information on this band and others, check out Mock Crest Tavern’s “Band” page, then hop over to our event calendarto see when your favorites will be playing.