Alexa Wiley – Musical Mistress of the Metaphor

One of the most popular bands to call Mock Crest Tavern home is Alexa Wiley and the Wilderness.

Alexa is leader of the band: singer, songwriter and all around lover of the great outdoors. Alexa is known far and wide for her songwriting skills and her magical use of the metaphor. Hence, the band’s tagline “Metaphorical music that rocks.”  Take a listen here.

Alexa Wiley at Mock Crest Tavern

Alexa Wiley and the Wilderness perform regularly at Mock Crest Tavern.

Truth be told, Alexa uses the metaphor like Betty Crocker uses flour. Her songs about the environment come from the heart and are rich in meaning. 

For Alexa, the environment is not just a subject of her songs, it is her life. When she’s not busy touring with her band, she is working for the U.S. Forest Service and championing Outdoor School for All, Columbia Riverkeeper, and other outdoor causes.

Alexa Wiley and the Wilderness

Alexa champions the environment and the great outdoors in many of her songs.

Her bandmates represent a who’s who of Portland’s music scene, with Bret Malmquist on lead guitar, Dale Turnbull on bass, Sean Oldham on drums, and Steve Dearborn playing most anything that will make a sound. The band’s creations are an eclectic mix of jazz, country, and folk that is otherwise all but impossible to classify. But who needs a label, right? 

Be sure to check the Mock Crest and Yukon Tavern Event Calendars for upcoming dates. You can also purchase her music at her website.

Alexa Wiley at Yukon Tavern

Alexa and her band also appear regularly at our sister pub Yukon Tavern.

Alexa and The Wilderness appear regularly at Mock Crest Tavern and her sister pub Yukon Tavern. They love playing the local tavern scene and especially enjoy the intimacy of each setting. Says bandmate Dale Turnbull, “We love the feeling of having the audience right on our laps.”

I assume he is speaking metaphorically.

What to Do When You Don’t Want the Holiday to End

Our last three-day weekend for the next four months is over but, if you’re like me, you’d like it to stretch out another three days. There’s an easy remedy for that problem—come out to Mock Crest Tavern this weekend for three more days of good music, good food, and good times!


A “No Maintenance” Yard Just for You!

Make Mock’s back patio your summer hangout. Our grassy seating area is perfect for that backyard feel—and, you aren’t responsible for its upkeep. If it gets cold or rainy you won’t have to run inside because our patio has a covered area with heat lamps to keep you warm.

Fire Up the Grill!

Summer is the season for juicy burgers and frosty glasses of beer. We know you have your favorite combinations already in mind and at Mock our chefs and bartenders can pair up the meal you love most. Our selection of ten different burgers—beef, chicken, and fish—taste even better with a brew poured from our rotating taps, our top shelf liquors, or our large selection of wines and ciders.

The Sounds of Summer

Three nights a week Mock is home to some of the best live music you’ll find in Portland. We schedule our bands every Thursday, Friday, and Saturday nights at 9pm. Tonight we’re featuring blues legend Norman Sylvester & Friends and tomorrow the Tracey Fordice Band will be on “stage.”

Mock - Norman Sylvester2

Join us this weekend at Mock Crest Tavern to continue the party you started last weekend! All summer long we can be your go-to place for backyard gatherings and great live music.



Mojo Holler, Veterans of South by Southwest, at Mock Crest Tavern

With a name like Mojo Holler you can bet you’re in for a wild musical adventure. That’s the case when this three-person band brings their rollickin’ indie folk rock music to Mock Crest Tavern this Saturday!

Mojo Holler formed in 2012 as the duo “Missi & Mister Baker” (yes, those are their real names). Missi plays the role of vocalist and guitarist, while Mister tears it up on lap steel, slide, and dobro. With the addition of bass guitarist Eric Shirazi, they have created an infectious, funky musical style with complex rock and country influences and rich vocals that lean on the legendary sounds of Janis Joplin and Fleetwood Mac.

mock - mojo holler2

After the release of Mojo Holler’s debut album, “Where Black Ravens Flew” in late 2014 they were asked to take the stage at the famous South By Southwest music festival in 2016, and from there they have become a favorite of music venues just like Mock Crest Tavern.

mock - mojo holler1

Our bar is the perfect place for a band like Mojo Holler to perform. The small venue fosters an intimate environment that harkens back to the dance halls, living rooms, and front porches where American folk music was born and where it continues to sound the most authentic.

mock - mojo holler

Mock Crest Tavern is North Portland’s favorite music venue because we feature three great bands a week, like Mojo Holler. Check out our calendarto see who we’ve got playing this month. Join us at this Saturday, January 26that 9pm and go on a wild ride with the music of Mojo Holler!

A Welcome to University of Portland Students from North Portland’s Premier Music Venue—Mock Crest Tavern

School books, schedules, mid-terms and finals—school is back in session at the University of Portland! Mock Crest Tavern would like to welcome the new and returning students (21+) who will soon be calling North Portland their home.

Mock Crest Tavern University of Portland

School can get stressful and there are always times that call for a little respite away from the books. You can find that time out at Mock Crest Tavern. Our history as North Portland’s favorite neighborhood music venue stretches back over 70 years, with good food, good drinks, and great live music throughout the week.

University of Portland

Our calendar is jam packed with live music throughout the week, with regulars and special guests from across the world taking Mock’s “Carpet Stage.” Portland blues masters from the Cascade Blues Associationmake our bar their home with monthly performances and bands, both national and international, often show up to entertain the crowd.

Bars around University of Portland

Image by: Yonatan Kelib

Other events fill our calendarwith fun activities that continually bring in our friends from across Portland. Every week we host Quizzy Trivia and MAD Poker’s Texas Hold ‘em games, and on Tuesday you can show off your own musical talents during our weekly karaoke nights.


Our menuincludes delicious breakfast plates, burgers, sandwiches, and daily specials, and a full bar with Willamette Valley wines, top-shelf liquor, local craft and foreign and domestic beers, and the newest drink to hit the Portland bar scene; hard ciders. Check our online leader boardto find out what’s on tap today!

Bars near University of Portland

Our cozy bar on Lombard Street is the perfect place for you to call home this semester. Join us throughout the week to relax, study, commiserate with friends, and blow off steam. We’ve got free WiFi and friendly service to help you make your time at the University of Portland memorable. Check out our Facebookand Twitterpages for updates on what’s going on today at Mock Crest Tavern!

Bars near University of Portland


Arrogant Bastards Arrive at Mock Crest Tavern

Is it confidence, or is it arrogance? Maybe it’s just great music by Arrogant Bastards at Mock Crest Tavern on Saturday, February 24th.

Mock - Arrogant Bastards2.jpg

The Arrogant Bastards are bringing their arsenal of blues, funk and rock to our North Portland stage with all the gut and grind you’d expect from a band that has labeled themselves the “Bad Boys of Portland Blues.” Mock is the perfect bar to play host to their diverse musical style that is describes as “swampy soul of the Gulf Coast” and “hard driving blues style of Texas, with a splash of funkiness reminiscent of Motown and Minneapolis.” All that energy fuels their unique sound and induces their audiences to move along with each beat of the drum and each strike on their electric guitar.

Mock - Arrogant Bastards1.jpg

The five-member band is the creative dream of Big Daddy James on drums and vocals, Brad on keyboards, John on bass, Michael on lead guitar and vocals and Paul on vocals and rhythm guitar. They come from all four corners of the United States and bring with them influences the fuel their music with the raw sound of underground and garage based bands.

Mock - Private Parties5

Expect to hear classic favorites, like Hendrix, Zepplin, Deep Purple, Pink Floyd and Zappa infused with jazz, blues, and funk during their sets. It’s a trip down the FM stations when you could hear the unexpected new artists that are now standard in radio formatting. Arrogant Bastards takes us back to those days of discovery by reinterpreting their familiar songbooks through their own unique sound.

MCT - Kitchen

Come out to Mock Crest Tavern on Saturday, February 24 for Arrogant Bastards. You’ll find that all that “arrogance” is warranted by their ability to play damn good music.