Mock Crest Tavern Welcomes Tracey Fordice Band Back to Your Favorite North Portland Music Venue

After taking a break from performing on our “Carpet Stage,” the Tracey Fordice Band is back for another performance at North Portland’s favorite music venue, Mock Crest Tavern! 

Tracey Fordice1 

The Tracey Fordice Band (formerly known as Tracey Fordice and the 8-Balls) have been regulars at Mock Crest Tavern for years, entertaining us with the classics in Blues, R&B, Soul, Swamp Rock and Americana, as well a long list of their own original music.

Mock:Tracey Fordice

Tracey Fordice’s soulful vocals (and on keyboard) will be  backed up by Randy Yearout on guitars and additional vocals, Bob Jacobs on keyboards/synth, Johnnie Corrie on the drums and vocals, and Todd Ommert on bass. Together, they have forty-years of performing and several albums to their credit and have received recognition for their award-winning performances from the Cascade Blues Association (Portland) with a 2014 Muddy Award for Best New Blues Act.

Their musical influences include the greats, like Etta James, Bonnie Raitt, Willie Dixon, Elmore James, J.J. Grey & Mofro, Steve Earle, and more, so you now their performance at Mock will be one to remember.

 Mock - Mural2

 Come out to Mock Crest Tavern on Friday, October 20th at 9pm for the return of the Tracey Fordice Band! Our bartenders will be on hand to keep your glasses full and our kitchen will be cooking up Mock’s great menu, including our daily specials and our twice-daily Happy Hour menu. And, don’t forget to check out our calendar for all the great bands that are playing on our “Carpet Stage” throughout the month!

See you there!

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Rock on, Mock Crest Tavern Music Lovers!

This summer Mock is featuring the bands you love to hear with the beers we love to serve. The joint will be jumpin’ and we’ll all be having a good time when our favorite musicians come out to play for us every Thursday, Friday and Saturday this month on the Mock Crest Tavern “Carpet Stage.”

2015-08-07 03.36.23

Our venue may be small but that’s what makes it special, for both the crowd and the band. Again and again, the musicians tell me they love playing at Mock because of its intimate size that allows them to really get to know their fans. Many of whom they call friends.

Mock:Tracey Fordice-001

But how does the music sound in such a small venue, you may ask. Well, we’re happy to tell you it sounds great! Being so close to the band takes the music to another level. A heart level. As the steady beat of the drum marches through the song your heart follows. As the rhythm rises to a crescendo, crests, falls, then rises again your thoughts travel with it. And as the melody plays out the emotion of the song you share the same highs and lows as everyone in the room.

Mock - Decible Counter

A secret to that perfect sound is our decibel counter. You might have noticed the electric meter perched on the wall above the cash register, with its red numbers changing continually throughout the evening. When the bands play you’ll see those numbers tracking the sound of the song and they typically stay between 90-100. The perfect volume for this venue, according to oratory research.

Mock Crest Friends

We have twelve more nights of music left this month, so plan a few nights out at Mock Crest Tavern in North Portland to hear great live bands, meet music lovers like yourself, and watch our decibel meter race up and down in time to the music.

The Adequates Bring Down the House at Mock Crest Tavern

Last weekend was the first time I was able to make it out to hear The Adequates at Mock Crest Tavern, and they were more than just adequate. They were a dynamic, raucous music-making machine!

DSC05314 (1)

Made up of longtime friends Don Henson, on drums and keyboard, and John Stapleton, lead singer and guitar, this band stems from a relationship first formed over twenty years ago. After losing touch for a decade, they teamed back up and added in a few new friends to reinvent the original Adequates sound. Mike Cheddar, from Don’s other band Sneakin’ Out, joins in on bass and Dean Peters plays everything from tambourine to the mouth harp, in between his turn at vocals.


When you come out to Mock to hear The Adequates jam expect to hear Bruce Springsteen, the Rolling Stones, the Clash, and Led Zeppelin. Anything goes with this band. The night I was there they paid special tribute to Stapleton’s father with “The Weight” by the Band. One of the few times this energetic group slowed the set down.


Long standing relationships brought this band back together after twenty years and it’s that deep-rooted bond, plus a love for great music, that keeps the music machine powering down the road. And its their relationship with the Mock Crest Tavern crowd that brings the energy.


Join us when The Adequates rock the house! You’ll want to check our calendar because they take to the Mock Crest Tavern “Carpet” stage at least a once a month, and always at 9pm.

The Blues Trio of Mock Crest Tavern

Every week Mock Crest Tavern features the greatest live blues music in the city. It’s the kind of music that fits our North Portland neighborhood, and our menu reflects that same love in our Mock Crest “Blues Trio” of sandwiches.  

Blues Burger

A true classic, the Blues Burger delivers the juicy goods with crisp bacon and Mock’s special house-made “Blues Sauce.” It’s a creamy, earthy burst of flavor that amps up a regular burger with a bleu vein cheese. Add a habanero to it to kick it up another notch.

Mock Crest Burger

Blues Bird Chicken Sandwich

This sandwich hits a blue note with a crisp chicken breast, bacon, lettuce, tomato and an encore of our special sauce. It’s a meat treat with a bit of sass that makes it a five napkin meal.

Mock - Chicken Blues

Pita Bacon Blues

If you love BLTs you’ll love Mock’s Pita Bacon Blues. Crisp bacon is the star of the stage, but that star really sings when we slather on a layer of Mock’s “Blues Sauce.” Fill up a pita with all this goodness and you’ll be singing the blues, too, only in a good way.

Mock - Pita Blues

There’s a choice of sides to go with your blues basket; chips, fries or Mock Crest Tavern’s famous tots. You can add more bacon, soup, or a salad to the plate—a great way to add just a bit more blue cheese to your lineup.

Check out our menu, then come on into Mock Crest Tavern tonight and try out our Bluesy good sandwiches!

Welcome Back to Mock Crest Tavern

Mock Crest Sign1

School is back in session and with that is a flurry of activity that can sometimes get overwhelming. When you need a break from your regular routine come into Mock Crest Tavern to get back your laid-back North Portland vibe.

Mock Crest

Known throughout the city as a place for friends to gather, our location on Lombard Street is just up the hill from the University of Portland, and when school starts we love to see new faces come through our door. They know they’ll find friendly staff, great food and drinks, and an ever-present link to the Internet through our free WiFi.

Mock Crest Burger and Brew

Are you missing those great meals that come out of your mom’s kitchen? We’ve got daily specials that feature fresh ingredients and the same kind of culinary love that brings life to the meals you crave.

Mock Crest Header

Need a drink to celebrate the completion of a project? Our drink menu features a variety of alcoholic and non-alcoholic mixes, craft beers and local wines. And if you’re in the mood for a little extra with your drink try our pudding shots, a Mock Crest Tavern party favorite.

Mock - Free WiFI

Got a paper to finish but you just can’t face another hour sitting in the library? Head to our front window booth and log onto our free WiFi to get the final edits done on that important paper.

And when you’re ready for an evening away from the demands of your college requirements follow your ears to one of the best blues venues found in Portland. We feature local artists from the Cascade Blues Association and special guests from all across the United States. We have our favorites and you’ll find yours, too!


Come in today when you’ve finished your classes to refresh for the week ahead. You’ll soon find your home-away-from-home right here at Mock Crest Tavern!

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Look for the Mock Crest Tavern Mural to Find Great Local Blues Bands

Rainer - Mock Crest MuralMock Crest Tavern has a reputation for good food and friendly service, but it’s the great music we feature throughout the week that brings us the moniker of “North Portland’s Premier Blues Bar.”

You may have noticed our mural on the outside of the building when you’ve pulled up to the bar, and no doubt it’s given you a sense of what you’ll experience once you’re inside. It’s our calling card to the neighborhood that music played within these walls is a blend of traditional and modern blues, mixed with the unique Portland vibe that makes our city so special.

Rainer - Mock Crest Mural

Painted on 4 x 8 foot panels, the “Portland Bluesman” mural was installed in 2006 to replace an older, damaged one and over the years it’s become a great marker for anyone traveling down Lombard Street, looking for a bar with great music and a low-key vibe.

If you’re interested in getting to know the great modern blues musicians of Portland take a drive through NoPo’s Lombard Street and look for our iconic “Portland Bluesman” mural. It’s our promise to you that we appreciate great music as much as you do and our assurance that you’re in for one hell of a great show.

Check our calendar to schedule a night out at Mock Crest Tavern, then check out the most frequently featured groups on our “Bands” page. You’ll find the ones you love and a few new ones to try, too!

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A Table for Two This Friday at Mock Crest Tavern

Mock Crest Tavern1What’s better than listening to a live band playing great music at Mock Crest Tavern? Listening to two bands playing back-to-back, of course!

That’s right! This Friday we’re hosting two performances on our “Carpeted” stage. The place is going to be rockin’ with unique music and a great atmosphere.

Mock - K.C. HarrisFirst up is blues and folk artist K. C. Harris. He combines the best in old and new musical styles, creating a vintage sound with topical lyrical themes inspired by blues men Charley Patton and Howlin’ Wolf and great American songwriters like Woody Guthrie, Tom Waits and Bob Dylan. This young performer has a fresh take on the music he’s been introduced to as he’s traveled across the United States over the last year.

DSC01285Later that night a Mock Crest Tavern favorite, Suburban Slim, will take to the stage to deliver the blues favorites their fans crave. With twenty-three individual and collective “Muddy” awards from the Cascade Blues Association for excellence, including “Best Male Vocalist” and “Best Harmonica,” they’re not only a Mock favorite, they’re a Portland favorite. Come out this weekend and you’re sure to be back every month to catch their regular gigs on our stage.

Mock Crest Friends

Mock Crest Tavern is known as the place to hear great music in North Portland and this week we’re going to prove that, times two. So, mark your calendars for this Friday, August 7th, because you won’t want to miss our double-line up of K. C. Harris and, Mock Crest regulars, Suburban Slim when they perform on the “Carpet” stage. The show startsat 6pm and Suburban Slim will begin their jam session at 9pm.