Castletown Stirs Up the Fun at Mock Crest Tavern

You can always count on a fun night when one of Mock Crest Tavern’s regular bands are warming up for their turn on our “Carpet Stage.” I joined the crowd recently for another round of Castletownand found myself smack dab inside North Portland’s best party.

Mock - Castletown5

With Robert Richter on guitar, Katie Lubiens on fiddle and both contributing vocally, their music combines the lively spirit of the Irish fiddle and traditional American music based in the blues, jazz, rock, and classical. You mix it all together and you get rollicking AmeriCeltic tunes that is perfect for a night spent with friends. As PortlandNotes has said, they are a band “so unique – they’re in a genre all their own!”


This fun duo is a much-loved Pacific Northwest band, performing an average of 120 shows up and down the West Coast, as well as on local television. They have also released several albums and you can get a preview what you’ll hear at our bar by visiting their website.


Castletown is just one of the many great band that have become favorites of the Mock Crest Tavern crowd. They play monthly on our “Carpet Stage” and you can join us this month on Thursday, August 16that 9pm for Robert Richter and Katie Lubiens’s performance as the Castletown Duo. We’ve got the Guinness and Jameson Irish Whiskey ready to fortify this Irish themed night.

For more information on this band and others, check out Mock Crest Tavern’s “Band” page, then hop over to our event calendarto see when your favorites will be playing.



Introducing Mock’s “Stormy Daniels!”

There’s a storm a’brewin’ at Mock Crest Tavernand it’s threatening to be one we’ll remember for a long, long time.

IMG_0244 2

We’re paying homage to one of the biggest news events of the year with a cocktail that perfectly captures the delicate threat of the, now world-famous, Stormy Daniels. Our bartenders have gotten this pretty, little drink’s perfect measurements of Jack Daniels, sour mix, pineapple juice, Grand Gala and orange bitters. Kind of makes you want to strip down to your undies and party, doesn’t it?

IMG_0238 2

There’s a lot of new drinks ready to try right now and our bartenders have come up with some great names for these fun cocktails. There are summer themed drinks like Infinite Summer, Grapefruit Lemonade Crush, and Summer Breeze. For you aggressive drinkers we recommend Margarita Punch-You in the Face, Ice Pick, Suffering Bastard, or Aw For Fux Sake. Squeeze Box, Afternoon Delight and Raspberry Beret pick up on our music venue’s vibe, while the Sun’s Out-Fuck Trump is perfect for those that are sick and tired of crazy, non-stop news coming out of the White House over the last year and a half.

IMG_0243 2

Come into Mock Crest Tavern on these too hot days to see what our bartenders’ have come up with for their latest drink creations. They always make the most out of their seasonal drinks by playing on the themes of the day, the seasons, current events, or the inspirations from the happenings in our bar.

Historic Buildings in North Portland

The next time you’re craving a creative cocktailorder one up at North Portland’s favorite bar—Mock Crest Tavern!

Mock Crest Tavern is Everyone’s Neighborhood Bar

“Good Music, Good Food, Good Times.” That’s our promise to everyone who comes into our bar because it’s important to us that all our customers feel they are safe to have a fun night out with friends. That pledge has made it onto the latest version of the official Mock Crest Taverncoasters, making it so that every time you lift your class to toast with your friends you’ll be reminded that at our bar the customer always comes first.

IMG_0242 2

Our coasters are locally produced in Portland, and you’ll probably recognize the shape of our iconic neon sign in the logo on its front side.

IMG_0241 2

On the flip side, you’ll find our commitment to opening our doors to people of every background. No matter where you come from or who you are you’ll find the same great service is ready for you here, night after night.

Mock - Mural2

Just like our mural shows on the outside of our building, we have a diverse group of regulars who show up to enjoy the live bands performing on our Mock Crest “Carpet Stage” throughout the week, Quizzy Bar Trivia competitions on Sunday evenings, MAD Poker’s free Texas Hold ‘em on Mondays and Karaoke on Tuesdays. Check out our calendar to see what’s happening this week!

Mock Crest Tavern—it’s North Portland’s favorite neighborhood bar!

Geocache Your Way to Mock Crest Tavern

Weather like this makes you wish you could spend the entire day outside. It’s sunny but not too hot and there is always plenty of fun activities to explore. If you’re looking for a fun activity that you will take you on an adventure around Portland you may want to give geocaching a try. It could lead you right to the front door of Mock Crest Tavern.

Geocaching Portland

Designed to mimic a 160-year-old game called letterboxing, the geocache tracking challenge uses clues and landmarks to lead you to a variety of treasures hidden all over the world, including our own North Portland neighborhood. When you reach your destination it’s up to you to seek out the final prize hidden in bushes, under bridges, under a rock, or anywhere your clues take you. Boxes with trinkets, notes, or codes to the next geocache await you in this fun game, but the real prize is in deciphering the clues and figuring out the puzzle.

Mock - Geocache1

Mock Crest Tavern’s treasure “cache” is you! Follow the clues that spell out our GPS coordinates and you’ll find yourself on the only live camera cache in Portland. Our camera will capture your image and display it online in real time on the geocaching website so you can stake your claim to the only webcam prize found in our fair city.

Geocache Mock Crest Tavern

People have come from all over the world to Portland, the city where geocaching all began, to participate in this fun game and Mock Crest Tavern is a favorite stop on their quest. We’ve seen hundreds of selfies on our camera and are sure to witness many other expeditions as they report into the website and mark another landmark off their list.

Geocaching in North Portland

Follow your geocache adventure to Mock Crest Tavern and celebrate the end of your adventure with us!

Mock_Crest_Tavern Logo

Getting to Know Mock Crest Tavern

At Mock Crest Tavern we are known for serving “NoPo’s best blues, burgers, and brews.” We’ve been a landmark in the community for over 70 years and we wouldn’t want to be anywhere else. It’s “where friends meet and great memories are always on tap! “

Historic buildings in North Porrtland

The Building

Our unique cigar-shaped building on Lombard Street has been through several transformations through the decades. Initially a home to a meat market, it still sports the stone and glass front from its original design but today it glows under our easily recognized neon sign every night.

Inside, you will still find the tell-tale signs of the pharmacy that once inhabited the building. The long bar with stools should tip you off to its sugary past as a soda fountain. But, as time marched on so did the purpose our Mock Crest building.

Historic Buildings of North Portland

Our First Mural

Our building has always celebrated its relationships with our North Portland neighbors, and we’ve shown our love for boldly on the side of our building with murals that reflect all the wonderful things we enjoy in our part of the city. The first mural featured a rose bouquet, St. John’s Bridge, wine, baseball, and, of course, music!

Historic Buildings in North Portland

Round Two

Our next mural zeroed in on Mock’s special place in the community as a place to find great live music. It’s painted in a modern, minimalist style that features the St. John’s Bridge and our own version of the “Portland Bluesman.” It announced to all who passed by that we are a haven of good music and exciting nights spent with friends.

Historic buildings in North Portland

The Latest Version

Today, you’ll find our most recent mural, which pays homage to our patrons, on the east side of our building. Created just last summer, this version is a snapshot of our bar scene and the people that bring it to life (as represented in animal characters as well as people). Painted by local artist and avid bar patron Edmond Booth, it combines the spirit of our tavern with a nod to the events of a big year in music and popular culture.

Cruise up Lombard Street the next time you are in North Portland and stop by a neighborhood mainstay, Mock Crest Tavern!




A Cherry Bomb Has Landed on Mock Crest Tavern

Knob Creek Bourbon and Portland’s Bitter Housewife Bitters Company have come together to produce a Knob Creek Cherry Bitters. Mock Crest Tavern has added this delicious bourbon to our large collection of top-shelf liquor to usher in the upcoming Pacific Northwest cherry season!

Mock - Cherry Drinks


I stopped in after work recently for a Manhattan using Knob Creek Bourbon, sweet vermouth, Knob Creek Cherry Bitters, and a cherry dunked inside the glass for garnish. It was a strong drink that was perfect for the five o’clock cocktail hour.

Mock - Cherry Drinks_Sam Howzit

Old Fashion

Mock also uses this fruit-flavored liquor for other drinks. You can enjoy the taste of Knob Creek Bourbon and Knob Creek Cherry Bitters mixed with sugar to make an Old Fashion. It’s a standard among bourbon lovers and with the cherry you’ve got a new twist on a tried and true drink.

Mock - Cherry Drinks_Will Shenton

Kentucky Mule

Add beer to the mix and you’ll have a delicious Kentucky Mule. Our bartenders start with Knob Creek Bourbon and Knob Creek Cherry Bitters, then with a touch of ginger beer, and a garnished of lime all served up in a frosty mug. Delicious!

fresh juice, fruit juice, drink, cherry, ice cubes, glass, red 

Whiskey Sour

One of my favorite drinks has just gotten even more dear to my heart. Mock’s Whiskey Sour with Knob Creek Bourbon, sour mix, Knob Creek Cherry Bitters with a cherry garnish is a sweet treat in a glass.

 Mock - Cherry Drinks3

Bringing the great taste of expertly crafted bourbon and cherry bitters together gives the Mock Crest Tavern bartenders the best ingredients for a great drink. Stop by our North Portland bar this evening for a cherry-inspired cocktail with Knob Creek Bourbon and The Bitter Housewife’s Cherry Bitters!

Our Favorite Time of Year Has Arrived at Mock Crest Tavern

Spring has begun to shine on Mock Crest Tavern’sback patio and we’ve got a cool, refreshing beer waiting for you!


We’re having a beautiful spring in North Portland so we’ve opened our back patio and we’re letting the sun shine in on all the good times we have at our neighborhood bar. It’s the perfect place to enjoy the sights, sounds, and scents of both the great outdoors and all the things we love most about Mock.

Mock - Patio_Jim E_Yelp

Image by: JimE/Yelp

Our wait staff has added the additional tables found on our patio to their watch and can bring out piping hot food straight from Mock’s mini kitchen and frothy beers and cocktails right to your table. Join us for breakfast and enjoy one of our many morning plates while the air is still fresh from last night.


There are plenty of great places to gather in this natural setting. It’s a casual atmosphere that will remind you of all those times you’ve enjoyed an impromptu beer under a warm sun with friends. Consider a cold beer in a bottle or a can to really dust off those memories. Mock has a large selection of domestics and foreign beers and ciders, including Budweiser, Guinness, and Black Butte.

 Mock_Crest_Tavern Logo 

Plan an evening hanging out on Mock Crest Tavern’s back porch, “where friends meet” and memories are made every spring under the beautiful North Portland sky!