Spreading Holiday Cheer at Mock Crest Tavern

The holidays are here and it’s time to celebrate the end of 2018 and the beginning of 2019. At Mock Crest Tavern we’ve already started the season with specials, gifts, and parties galore!

Rainer - Christmas Poster

Our manager have come up with five ways to celebrate this festive season with gifts and good times for all. From Good Beer, to Good Times; you won’t be disappointed if you make your favorite North Portland neighborhood bar your holiday headquarters this year.

Mock - Santa Beer.jpg

You’ll be everyone’s favorite Santa when you share your love of burgers and beer by gifting a Mock Crest Tavern gift certificate to your friends and families. We’ll even give you a gift! When you purchase a $25 gift card we’ll tack on another $5 of our own to make the total $30.

Spread the warmth during the holiday season by giving your favorite tavern lover one of our black Mock Crest Tavern hoodie. With our logo on the front and an image of the bar on the back, their love for the Portland tavern culture will be on full display.

Mock - Christmas6

Or, give them a chance to win big with Scratch It lottery tickets. If they do win maybe they’ll be treating you to your favorite drink to celebrate.

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Image by: Yonatan Kelib

Plan your New Year’s Eve celebration with a song in your heart when you join in Mock’s karaoke night. We’ll have the Mock Crest Tavern stage ready for all singers, from great voices, to comedians, to take their turn at the mic.

Mock - Christmas.jpg

At midnight raise a glass of champagne to toast 2019! We’ll be offering all our customers a free glass to enjoy at the end of the countdown to the New Year.

MCT - Kitchen

This Christmas and New Year’s Eve look for the glowing lights of Mock Crest Tavern on Lombard St. in North Portland, where you’ll find “Good Beer, Good Music, and Good Times” all year long! We’ll be open at 9am on both Christmas and New Year Day, with a hot breakfast waiting for you.


Mock Crest Tavern is Going Down to Louisiana with the New Iberians

Uniquely Southern, undeniable Cajun—for twenty-eight years the New Iberians have brought the rollickin’ music of Louisiana to Portland, and this weekend they’ll take the Mock Crest Tavern crowd down south when the take to our stage on Friday, November 30th.

The band, originally playing under the name Mumbo Gumbo, have cultivated the instantly recognizable sound of Deep South Cajun music since 1990. The name change came when founder and accordion player Evan Shlaes decided to honor his favorite Louisiana town New Iberia—the Queen City of the Bayou—and from then on the band has been regaling audiences across the Pacific Northwest and beyond with the songs of the South.

Mock - New Iberians1

Zydeco music is a fast tempo music genre that was originally created at informal house dances. It’s dominated by the piano-style “button” accordion and the Americana folk sound of washboard or frottoir. Originally, the music reimagined classic waltzes, shuffles, two-steps, blues, rock and roll, and other dance music forms indicative of its early era but has grown to include even more modern genres like R&B, soul, brass band, reggae, hip hop, ska, rock, Afro-Caribbean and many other musical styles.

Mock - New Iberians copy 2.jpg

Today, the New Iberians have taken this truly American sound to the next level, with Shlaes on squeezebox and vocals, Paul Bassett on washboard, Linc McGrath on bass and vocals, Fred Ingram on drums, Clark Salisbury on electric guitar and Michael “Buck”Brummell on vocals, harmonica and sax. Their playlist stretches across a wide variety of genres that combine traditional Louisiana forms with Northwest Rock and Chicago Blues for a spicy, danceable gumbo they call “Stumptown Zydeco.”

Along with Mock Crest Tavern, the New Iberians regularly play at Portland festivals, including the Safeway Waterfront Blues Festival, the Portland Rose Festival, Bite of Oregon, and Bones and Brew. They have also opened for Lynyrd Skynyrd and Bo Diddley and regularly tour up and down the West Coast, as well as venturing as far East as Chicago.

MCT - Kitchen

Come out to North Portland’s favorite live music venue Mock Crest Tavern this Friday, November 30that 9pm to take a trip down south with the New Iberians!

Everyone is Welcome at Mock Crest Tavern’s Thanksgiving Table

Come one, come all, to Mock Crest Tavern’s Thanksgiving meal this Thursday, November 22nd! We’re hosting our annual Thanksgiving feast for all our North Portland friends, with traditional food, drink specials, and exciting football games playing all day.

Mock - Turkey Meal

In the spirit of Thanksgiving we’ve created a traditional holiday meal of roast turkey, mashed potatoes & gravy, dressing, a vegetable, and a dollop of cranberry sauce. It’s the meal you’ve loved as a child, and now you get to enjoy it with your friends at Mock Crest Tavern.

Mock - Thanksgiving.jpg

Our regular menu and the Daily Specialswill also be available, starting with our delicious breakfast menu that we start serving at 9am. So, come early and plan to spend the day hanging out and watching all the best games that will be playing that day.

Mock - V-Day

We’ve got a full bar that will put you into a celebratory mood, too. Seasonal beers, ciders, and Willamette Valley winesthat perfectly fit the spirit of fall are all on the menu, but no Thanksgiving would be complete without a turkey, so we’re also offering shots of Wild Turkey all day long!


Bring your family and friends to this once a year event and celebrate Thanksgiving with us, your Mock Crest Tavern, with a plate piled high with your favorite holiday dishes and a warm shot of Wild Turkey whiskey. We’ll have the games on our TVs and video poker is ready for a day of sport, too. It’s the perfect way to celebrate and relax on your day off—and you won’t even have to do the dishes!

Mock - Thanksgiving 2.jpg

Mock Crest Tavern—where everyone is welcome to the table to enjoy “Good Friends, Good Food, and Great Times!”

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The Spirits Sing at Mock’s “Scaryoke”

“Aw—Children of the night. What music they make.”

(Dracula, 1931)

To celebrate the spookiest month of the year, Mock Crest Tavern will be inviting all the children of the night to howl at the moon with a Halloween version of our Karaoke Nights, during “Scaryoke” on Tuesday, October 30th.

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Image by: Yonatan Kelib

Take the mic with your fiendish friends or go for a solo performance for this special edition of our music free-for-all. We have all your favorite Halloween songs, so it doesn’t matter whether you want to sing “Welcome to My Nightmare” with Alice Cooper or serenade your favorite “Witchy Woman” with the Eagles we’ll queue up your request and get you on the stage.

Greeley - Trick or Drink.jpg

Halloween is the holiday that encourages us to take off our everyday masks and show our true spirits, so why not make your performance stand out with a Halloween custom that will scare up some true fans. Come in full costumes and get your start celebrating the spooky holiday a day early.

Mock - Karoke

What could be better than celebrating the best holiday on the same night as our favorite sing-a-long, sing-a thong? Karaoke nights are scheduled at Mock Crest Tavern every Tuesday night, the same night as our Service Industry Nights. It’s a chance for all the music fans in North Portland to join in the spirit of our bar and sing their own song on a stage that hosts professional artists three nights a week. Come in costume and get a treat of a free well or domestic pint on us!

Glasses Of Beer Alcohol Drink Beverage Lager Beers

Sing your “music of the night” on Tuesday, October 30th at 9 pm during our Halloween Karaoke at your favorite North Portland music venue, Mock Crest Tavern!

Double the Yum with Mock Crest Tavern’s Cheeseburger Slider Basket

What do you do when one delicious cheeseburger just won’t be enough to satisfy your passion for an all-American meal? You head to Mock Crest Tavernfor their double-upped order of Cheeseburger Sliders, of course!

Mock - Cheesburger Sliders10

Mock’s Cheeseburger Sliders are single handed treat that comes with tots, fries, soup or salad. These tiny bite burgers are big on taste and just enough to fill you up without tipping you over into the uncomfortable zone.


When you order the micro-sized cheeseburgers, our chefs grill up two micro-sized patties, stack them with melting cheese, savory grilled onions and a tangy sauce between two brioche buns. It’s a big traditional meal shrunk down in our micro-sized kitchen!

IMG_0435 copy

These sliders are another example of the great dishes that come out of our famously tiny kitchen. At any point in the day you’ll see our chefs turning out plate after plate of delicious food, made with fresh ingredients and a never-fail culinary skill that is tested every time our bar is filled up with hungry eaters and the orders are coming in fast. With only enough room for one chef at a time, it’s an amazing spectacle to watch during our busy hours.

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Along with my sliders I ordered a cool and refreshing Lagunitas IPA. The combination of the two perfectly mirrored the barbequed taste at the top of all meat eaters list of favorite meals.

Mock - Mural2

So, next time your hunger is calling out for a burger (or two) come into Mock Crest Tavern, pick up a menu, order a beer, sit back and watch as our chefs double the yum for you with our Cheeseburger Sliders Basket at your favorite North Portland neighborhood bar!

Become a Trivia Wizard at Quizzys with Roy Smallwood

Question: What combines a gathering of friends, obscure trivia questions, and a fun night out? That’s easy—“Quizzys! Bar Trivia” with Roy Smallwoodat Mock Crest Tavernin North Portland!

Quzzys with Roy Smallwood

Quizzys is a fast-paced trivia game that is designed so everyone can find their trivia knowledge “sweet spot.” Sports, movies, music, and everything but the kitchen sink is a topic in this rollicking game and with Roy bringing his own wildly unique brand of interesting tidbits of commentary and hints throughout the answer phase, everyone at your table has a chance to add their expertise to the team’s effort. You never know what other useless knowledge you may gain when you play.

There are three rounds in Roy’s game, with ten questions in the first two rounds and fifteen in the final round, and topics are pulled from a varied collection of useful facts, forgotten information and a few things nobody ever really needs to know. One thing is for sure, the questions he chooses are sure to test even the most boastful trivia king or queen.

Quizzes with Roy Smallwood


Quizzy Question:

We’re known as “Beervana,” but where does Portland actually rank against other cities

in the world in regards to the number of local breweries?


Teams are made up of up to seven people and you often find there’s always one star to emerge during each round. At the end of the night Roy counts each team’s answer sheet, tallies the score and announces the winner. The winners receive a gift certificate you can use the following Sunday at another Quizzys night. (Gift certificates can also be used at Mock Crest Tavern’s two sister bars; Greeley Avenue Bar & Grilland SE Portland’s  Yukon Tavern).

Quizzes with Roy Smallwood

Gather up your team of crack trivia experts and find your table at Mock Crest Tavern this Sunday. You’ll be able to impress your friends with your grasp of all things trivial and enjoy some great food and drinks in the process.


Quizzy Answer: We’re #1, of course!









Mock Crest Tavern’s Back to School Lesson

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Forget the scholastic 3 R’s, go back to school with Mock Crest Tavern and you can study the 3 B’s—Burgers, Beers, and Blues!

At Mock, we believe that if you work hard and learn all you can you will achieve your dreams. That accomplishment is made even better when you apply it to the wealth of knowledge you’ll find when you study the 3 B’s inside our North Portland neighborhood bar.

Mock - Bacon Burger

Burgers 101

Learn the intricacies of a great burger by taking a bite out of one of Mock’s many burger baskets. We’ve got a great selection of ten meaty choices and each focuses on a different taste—heat (our Jalapeno Swiss Burger or the Habanero Bacon Blue Burger), savory (the Mushroom Swiss Burger and the Blue’s Burger), healthy (the Topless Double and our two slider choices), and the traditional (our Cheese Burger, Bacon Cheeseburger).

Mock - Three "Bs".jpg

Advanced Beer Tasting

When you live in Beervana a base level of knowledge of beer varieties is expected. Bone up on the best of foreign, domestic, microbrews and craft beers by sampling the large selection our bartenders pour all day long. Our online leaderboard can help to plan your homework prior to stepping foot inside our Lombard Street bar, with up to the minute updates on what is being featured on our rotating taps.

Mock - Norman Sylvester2

Introduction to the Blues

Get in your elective requirements three days a week when Mock’s “Carpet Stage” features the best local blues artists in Portland. Artists from the Cascade Blues Association are regularly featured throughout the week alongside musicians who come from across the globe to entertain us. Several bands have made Mock their home bar and return for regular gigs month after month. (Check out our calendar to see who’s playing this week.)

Mock Crest Tavern1

Don’t sweat all your homework. Get ready for your “class” at Mock Crest Tavern and you’ll get an A+ on your 3 “Bs”—Burgers, Beer, and Blues!