Gabe keeps the good times flowing at Mock Crest Tavern

If you’re a Mock Crest regular you have no doubt seen the friendly guy behind the bar sporting a red beard and a ready smile. He’s Gabe Welch, manager of the establishment and a six year veteran of the Mock Crest tap handles. You see, Gabe once worked at Mock Crest about ten years ago before checking out things in Atlanta, Georgia. “It’s been a great place to come home to,” says Gabe.

Mock Crest Tavern

Gabe Welch, professional mixologist and pudding shot artist.

According to Gabe, Mock Crest is one of the last of the really good dive bars. “The outside says ‘dive bar’,” says Gabe, “but once you step inside, you see it’s really a cool place to hang.”

As Gabe explains it, Mock Crest is also one of the friendliest drinking holes in town. “In this Digital Age, you go into most bars and most the customers are face down, lost in their Smart phones. But at Mock, even a stranger can walk in and strike up a conversation with the first person they see at the counter. It’s just a great place to meet new friends.”

Gabe’s favorite night of the work week is Tuesday night. That’s when he gets to trade in his bar apron for a microphone and host the weekly Service Industry Karaoke Party. “I love interacting with the customers,” says Gabe. “Even those who can’t carry a tune.”

The next time you’re in, be sure to ask Gabe for one of his signature pudding shots. He’s known for piling the whipped creme precariously high. “Haven’t lost one yet,” he insists. But there’s always a first time.

Missing Mock Crest Tavern

The time has come to bid a fond farewell to one of my favorite North Portland taverns where I go to relax and enjoy an evening out with friends. I’m moving to a new city now and packing up my suitcase of memories that I’ve made at Mock Crest Tavern.

Mock - Good Times1

The Best in Live Music in Portland

I’ve spent many nights at Mock, listening to some of the best live music you’ll find in Portland. I’ve gotten to know a few of the band members and witness their passion for music. Every time I go out to Mock to hear a band I know I’m in for a memorable night.

Delicious Food and Drink

Mock’s pint-sized kitchen is legendary for turning out delicious food. Their daily specials surprise and delight and their weekend breakfasts go far beyond what you’d expect of a small neighborhood tavern.

Likewise, their drink selection is above par. Inventive, delicious, and timely; their drinks are made to satisfy by Mock’s expert bartenders who are devoted to their art.

Mock - Cheeseburger Sliders1

The Atmosphere

Mock Crest Tavern is just the kind of place I look for when I want to relax after a day at work. It’s a quiet little bar with a laid-back atmosphere when I get there at five and, when the band kicks up at nine, I’m ready for a joyful night of great blues, rock, and Americana music.


I may have to say good-bye to Mock Crest Tavern, but my memories will keep me smiling. Don’t miss out on your chance to make those same kinds of memories every week at Mock Crest Tavern.

A Morning Spent at Mock Crest Tavern

Sometimes, when I find myself in a rut, the best thing to do is to get out of my normal life and find a place where I can relax. Fortunately, with the invention of free WiFi, I’ve found the perfect solution—breakfast at Mock Crest Tavern!


I had just such a morning today so I drove over to North Portland’s favorite neighborhood bar to check out their specials and relax with a Bloody Mary. It’s the very best work-life combination I can think of!


Manager Sarah Grace is working this morning, managing the job of cooking, bartending, checking in a supply delivery, and training a new employee all at the same time. She juggled this with the ease of a seasoned pro while filling all the customer’s requests and engaging them with the banter you’d expect from a friendly bartender.

Mock - Jon .jpg

Mock’s co-owner, Jon Batcheller, was working today, too, fixing a troublesome door and checking in on the general running of the bar. He spared a few minutes to sit down with me while he enjoyed a breakfast of eggs and pancakes before heading out to a repair shop to find a missing part for the door. Always something to do at a busy bar like Mock…


The patio outside was busy with a few guests who were enjoying the beautiful fall day. They were chowing down on eggs and toast, while I decided to go with their breakfast special of the day, a White Cheddar Mock Muffin. It’s an English muffin with sausage, egg, and white cheddar cheese and a side of country style potatoes. Yum, yum! I paired that with a spicy Bloody Mary and later a Madras. It was the perfect way to break out of my end-of-summer rut.


Meet Sarah Grace; Mock Crest Tavern’s New Manager

What could be better than working in a place that feels like home? That’s what Sarah Grace asked herself when she was offered the chance to join the Mock Crest Tavern management team, and it’s the same home-away-from-home feeling she brings to our bar every day.


Sarah fell in love with North Portland when she moved to the Rose City from Bellingham, Washington. The diversity of the population and the everyman, laid-back vibe of the city’s “fifth district” and became a regular customer of here soon after the move. Sarah came back for the casual atmosphere and friendly faces and fell in love with our “good food, good music and good times,” it was just what she needed after a day of work. join her friends on the patio with a craft beer and a Blues Burger.

Mock Crest Tavern

After spending a year helping out with the administrative duties, owners Jon and Rainer recognized her love for Mock Crest Tavern and the customers as the perfect combination for the role of manager. Now, she oversees the day-to-day business activities for Mock, all while feeling right at home at Mock Crest Tavern.

“The atmosphere at Mock is relaxed and people come here just to chill out, so it’s no surprise that working here is almost like being home.”

-Sarah Grace

Mock - Private Parties5

Sarah has taken an active part in every aspect of managing Mock, from behind the bar and in the kitchen, to the behind the scenes business side. There are many things she loves about the job, the great live bands (her favorites; Bad Assets and Big Bossa Quartet) and the delicious food (Sarah loves creating the daily specials, like Reuben Soup, Mac & Cheese, and Tuna Melts) and drinks (Fireball and Maker’s on the rocks), but what she loves the most is the feeling of being with friends.


Meet Jack Moebius; Mock Crest Tavern’s Manager & Avid Burger Fan

Mock - JackJack Moebius has been a part of the Mock Crest family for two years, but his history at the Tavern goes much deeper than that because he’s been frequenting our bar as a NoPo resident for much longer than he’s been serving behind the bar.

Having lived in the Mock Crest neighborhood for years, Jack already knew many of the customers he now serves here and has long thought of Mock Crest Tavern as “his” bar. In his role as manager Jack has the ability to guide the bar into a new phase that reflects the changing tastes of the people of the NoPo neighborhood.

It’s an easy transition, aided by the active involvement of Mock’s owners, Jon and Rainer, and the staff he manages. “I love the staff, they make Mock Crest feel like home.”

 “I love the staff, they make Mock Crest feel like home.”

Having received a Bachelors degree in botany, Jack is dedicated to creating an outdoor environment on Mock Crest’s back deck that is an inviting space to hang out no matter what weather we’re facing. He’s also brought many of our favorite locally brewed beers behind the bar and regularly mixes up the drink menu with seasonal creations that will put you in the right frame of mind to enjoy the holiday season. Focusing on providing the best, freshest ingredients in our traditional pub food is elevating the menu to satisfy customers that want the great tasting food you’d expect from Mock Crest Tavern’s kitchen.

Stop on by Mock Crest Tavern to meet Jack and order up his favorite menu items, including any of the burgers and the locally brewed seasonal beers featured in Mock’s bar menu. Our doors are 9:30 am to 2:30 am, even on holidays.