Our Happy Hour Menu Has Something for Everyone

It’s no surprise that at the end of a busy day all you can think about is finding a relaxing place to enjoy a bite to eat and a cool beverage. Mock Crest Tavern caters to that hard working crowd with two Happy Hours filled with delicious choices in food and drinks.


The Beer

Take a sip of the golden nectar with 50¢ off domestic drafts and 75¢ off micro drafts. Our rotating taps feature a wide variety of brews that are a favorite of our North Portland crowd.


The Cocktails

Well drinks are also included in our Happy Hour menu. At $4 each, you can treat yourself and your friends! And, for wine drinkers we’ve included a selection of wines for $1 a glass. It’s such a good offer you might as well try a few vintages.


The Food

Our menu includes several dishes at different prices to satisfy those after work hunger pains. For only $4 you get a basket of freshly fried tater tots, French fries, or a cup o’ soup. Every day our chefs whip up a hearty soup that’s especially good to eat on cold, rainy February days. Look for clam chowder, vegetable beef, chicken noodles, and many more varieties. Each day it’s something different.


Are you ready for a meal? Fill up on fresh greens with one of Mock’s packed garden salads. How about a sandwich? We’ll serve you a BLT ½ sandwich on toasted bread. Or maybe it’s an appetizer you’re craving? Go for our hummus and pita plate. All these great choices are only $5!

Mock - Happy Hour_Kim

Pile on the finger food with everyone’s favorite $6 onion rings, fried pickles and jalapeno poppers! They are the standard in pub grub and come with a side of smiles from our wait staff. We’ve got several dipping sauces that range from sweet to extra spicy to add even more flavor.


Are you looking for an appetizer that eats like a meal? Dive into our cheeseburger sliders with grilled onions, a buffalo and blue veggie slider, or chicken strips for a filling $7 meal. Any of these baskets will fill you up, but you may want to pair them with a basket of tater tots, French fries, or the green salad from our Happy Hour menu.

Come to Mock Crest Tavern after work and join us for our first Happy Hour of the day from 3-6pm, then stick around from 11pm to close for more “good food, good music, and great times!”


Start Working on Your New Year’s Resolution at Mock Crest Tavern

The new year is here and for many of us that means we have to tackle those new year’s resolutions. But don’t get discouraged as you readjust to your new diet, Mock Crest Tavernhas delicious menuchoices you can indulge in without the guilt.

Healthy Bar food

Heart Healthy Appetizers

Load up on the veggies before your meal with a hummus plate for the table. Fresh tomatoes, cucumbers, onion, crumbled feta cheese, a cupful of pickled peppers and olives and warm pita accompany hummus drizzled with olive oil. It’ll get you filled up with healthy calories so you don’t overindulge later.

Keto food in North portland

Filling Entrees that Won’t Throw You Off Track

Are you looking to cut carbs? Order up any of Mock’s delicious burgers, sans bun. Our premium beef can stand alone on a plate. Topped off with lettuce, tomato, and onion and a slice of pickle on the side. Treat yourself to a side of tater tots, onion rings, fries, or chips or opt for a side salad. This is perfect for those following a keto or gluten-free diet.

Healthy pub grub

Salads that Satisfy

Mock has several salads that are perfect options for those seeking to cut calories and add good nutrition to their diets. We begin with mixed greens and tomatoes, cucumbers, and onion, then top it with a chicken breast. If you want a simpler salad try our garden side salad. You’ll always get the freshest veggies and a selection of dressing.

Come into Mock Crest Tavern for a healthy, satisfying, delicious meal that will start your new year’s resolutions off right!

Everyone is Welcome at Mock Crest Tavern’s Thanksgiving Table

Come one, come all, to Mock Crest Tavern’s Thanksgiving meal this Thursday, November 22nd! We’re hosting our annual Thanksgiving feast for all our North Portland friends, with traditional food, drink specials, and exciting football games playing all day.

Mock - Turkey Meal

In the spirit of Thanksgiving we’ve created a traditional holiday meal of roast turkey, mashed potatoes & gravy, dressing, a vegetable, and a dollop of cranberry sauce. It’s the meal you’ve loved as a child, and now you get to enjoy it with your friends at Mock Crest Tavern.

Mock - Thanksgiving.jpg

Our regular menu and the Daily Specialswill also be available, starting with our delicious breakfast menu that we start serving at 9am. So, come early and plan to spend the day hanging out and watching all the best games that will be playing that day.

Mock - V-Day

We’ve got a full bar that will put you into a celebratory mood, too. Seasonal beers, ciders, and Willamette Valley winesthat perfectly fit the spirit of fall are all on the menu, but no Thanksgiving would be complete without a turkey, so we’re also offering shots of Wild Turkey all day long!


Bring your family and friends to this once a year event and celebrate Thanksgiving with us, your Mock Crest Tavern, with a plate piled high with your favorite holiday dishes and a warm shot of Wild Turkey whiskey. We’ll have the games on our TVs and video poker is ready for a day of sport, too. It’s the perfect way to celebrate and relax on your day off—and you won’t even have to do the dishes!

Mock - Thanksgiving 2.jpg

Mock Crest Tavern—where everyone is welcome to the table to enjoy “Good Friends, Good Food, and Great Times!”

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Double the Yum with Mock Crest Tavern’s Cheeseburger Slider Basket

What do you do when one delicious cheeseburger just won’t be enough to satisfy your passion for an all-American meal? You head to Mock Crest Tavernfor their double-upped order of Cheeseburger Sliders, of course!

Mock - Cheesburger Sliders10

Mock’s Cheeseburger Sliders are single handed treat that comes with tots, fries, soup or salad. These tiny bite burgers are big on taste and just enough to fill you up without tipping you over into the uncomfortable zone.


When you order the micro-sized cheeseburgers, our chefs grill up two micro-sized patties, stack them with melting cheese, savory grilled onions and a tangy sauce between two brioche buns. It’s a big traditional meal shrunk down in our micro-sized kitchen!

IMG_0435 copy

These sliders are another example of the great dishes that come out of our famously tiny kitchen. At any point in the day you’ll see our chefs turning out plate after plate of delicious food, made with fresh ingredients and a never-fail culinary skill that is tested every time our bar is filled up with hungry eaters and the orders are coming in fast. With only enough room for one chef at a time, it’s an amazing spectacle to watch during our busy hours.

North Portland Restaurants

Along with my sliders I ordered a cool and refreshing Lagunitas IPA. The combination of the two perfectly mirrored the barbequed taste at the top of all meat eaters list of favorite meals.

Mock - Mural2

So, next time your hunger is calling out for a burger (or two) come into Mock Crest Tavern, pick up a menu, order a beer, sit back and watch as our chefs double the yum for you with our Cheeseburger Sliders Basket at your favorite North Portland neighborhood bar!

Mock Crest Tavern’s Back to School Lesson

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Forget the scholastic 3 R’s, go back to school with Mock Crest Tavern and you can study the 3 B’s—Burgers, Beers, and Blues!

At Mock, we believe that if you work hard and learn all you can you will achieve your dreams. That accomplishment is made even better when you apply it to the wealth of knowledge you’ll find when you study the 3 B’s inside our North Portland neighborhood bar.

Mock - Bacon Burger

Burgers 101

Learn the intricacies of a great burger by taking a bite out of one of Mock’s many burger baskets. We’ve got a great selection of ten meaty choices and each focuses on a different taste—heat (our Jalapeno Swiss Burger or the Habanero Bacon Blue Burger), savory (the Mushroom Swiss Burger and the Blue’s Burger), healthy (the Topless Double and our two slider choices), and the traditional (our Cheese Burger, Bacon Cheeseburger).

Mock - Three "Bs".jpg

Advanced Beer Tasting

When you live in Beervana a base level of knowledge of beer varieties is expected. Bone up on the best of foreign, domestic, microbrews and craft beers by sampling the large selection our bartenders pour all day long. Our online leaderboard can help to plan your homework prior to stepping foot inside our Lombard Street bar, with up to the minute updates on what is being featured on our rotating taps.

Mock - Norman Sylvester2

Introduction to the Blues

Get in your elective requirements three days a week when Mock’s “Carpet Stage” features the best local blues artists in Portland. Artists from the Cascade Blues Association are regularly featured throughout the week alongside musicians who come from across the globe to entertain us. Several bands have made Mock their home bar and return for regular gigs month after month. (Check out our calendar to see who’s playing this week.)

Mock Crest Tavern1

Don’t sweat all your homework. Get ready for your “class” at Mock Crest Tavern and you’ll get an A+ on your 3 “Bs”—Burgers, Beer, and Blues!

A Welcome to University of Portland Students from North Portland’s Premier Music Venue—Mock Crest Tavern

School books, schedules, mid-terms and finals—school is back in session at the University of Portland! Mock Crest Tavern would like to welcome the new and returning students (21+) who will soon be calling North Portland their home.

Mock Crest Tavern University of Portland

School can get stressful and there are always times that call for a little respite away from the books. You can find that time out at Mock Crest Tavern. Our history as North Portland’s favorite neighborhood music venue stretches back over 70 years, with good food, good drinks, and great live music throughout the week.

University of Portland

Our calendar is jam packed with live music throughout the week, with regulars and special guests from across the world taking Mock’s “Carpet Stage.” Portland blues masters from the Cascade Blues Associationmake our bar their home with monthly performances and bands, both national and international, often show up to entertain the crowd.

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Image by: Yonatan Kelib

Other events fill our calendarwith fun activities that continually bring in our friends from across Portland. Every week we host Quizzy Trivia and MAD Poker’s Texas Hold ‘em games, and on Tuesday you can show off your own musical talents during our weekly karaoke nights.


Our menuincludes delicious breakfast plates, burgers, sandwiches, and daily specials, and a full bar with Willamette Valley wines, top-shelf liquor, local craft and foreign and domestic beers, and the newest drink to hit the Portland bar scene; hard ciders. Check our online leader boardto find out what’s on tap today!

Bars near University of Portland

Our cozy bar on Lombard Street is the perfect place for you to call home this semester. Join us throughout the week to relax, study, commiserate with friends, and blow off steam. We’ve got free WiFi and friendly service to help you make your time at the University of Portland memorable. Check out our Facebookand Twitterpages for updates on what’s going on today at Mock Crest Tavern!

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A Cherry Bomb Has Landed on Mock Crest Tavern

Knob Creek Bourbon and Portland’s Bitter Housewife Bitters Company have come together to produce a Knob Creek Cherry Bitters. Mock Crest Tavern has added this delicious bourbon to our large collection of top-shelf liquor to usher in the upcoming Pacific Northwest cherry season!

Mock - Cherry Drinks


I stopped in after work recently for a Manhattan using Knob Creek Bourbon, sweet vermouth, Knob Creek Cherry Bitters, and a cherry dunked inside the glass for garnish. It was a strong drink that was perfect for the five o’clock cocktail hour.

Mock - Cherry Drinks_Sam Howzit

Old Fashion

Mock also uses this fruit-flavored liquor for other drinks. You can enjoy the taste of Knob Creek Bourbon and Knob Creek Cherry Bitters mixed with sugar to make an Old Fashion. It’s a standard among bourbon lovers and with the cherry you’ve got a new twist on a tried and true drink.

Mock - Cherry Drinks_Will Shenton

Kentucky Mule

Add beer to the mix and you’ll have a delicious Kentucky Mule. Our bartenders start with Knob Creek Bourbon and Knob Creek Cherry Bitters, then with a touch of ginger beer, and a garnished of lime all served up in a frosty mug. Delicious!

fresh juice, fruit juice, drink, cherry, ice cubes, glass, red 

Whiskey Sour

One of my favorite drinks has just gotten even more dear to my heart. Mock’s Whiskey Sour with Knob Creek Bourbon, sour mix, Knob Creek Cherry Bitters with a cherry garnish is a sweet treat in a glass.

 Mock - Cherry Drinks3

Bringing the great taste of expertly crafted bourbon and cherry bitters together gives the Mock Crest Tavern bartenders the best ingredients for a great drink. Stop by our North Portland bar this evening for a cherry-inspired cocktail with Knob Creek Bourbon and The Bitter Housewife’s Cherry Bitters!