A Cherry Bomb Has Landed on Mock Crest Tavern

Knob Creek Bourbon and Portland’s Bitter Housewife Bitters Company have come together to produce a Knob Creek Cherry Bitters. Mock Crest Tavern has added this delicious bourbon to our large collection of top-shelf liquor to usher in the upcoming Pacific Northwest cherry season!

Mock - Cherry Drinks


I stopped in after work recently for a Manhattan using Knob Creek Bourbon, sweet vermouth, Knob Creek Cherry Bitters, and a cherry dunked inside the glass for garnish. It was a strong drink that was perfect for the five o’clock cocktail hour.

Mock - Cherry Drinks_Sam Howzit

Old Fashion

Mock also uses this fruit-flavored liquor for other drinks. You can enjoy the taste of Knob Creek Bourbon and Knob Creek Cherry Bitters mixed with sugar to make an Old Fashion. It’s a standard among bourbon lovers and with the cherry you’ve got a new twist on a tried and true drink.

Mock - Cherry Drinks_Will Shenton

Kentucky Mule

Add beer to the mix and you’ll have a delicious Kentucky Mule. Our bartenders start with Knob Creek Bourbon and Knob Creek Cherry Bitters, then with a touch of ginger beer, and a garnished of lime all served up in a frosty mug. Delicious!

fresh juice, fruit juice, drink, cherry, ice cubes, glass, red 

Whiskey Sour

One of my favorite drinks has just gotten even more dear to my heart. Mock’s Whiskey Sour with Knob Creek Bourbon, sour mix, Knob Creek Cherry Bitters with a cherry garnish is a sweet treat in a glass.

 Mock - Cherry Drinks3

Bringing the great taste of expertly crafted bourbon and cherry bitters together gives the Mock Crest Tavern bartenders the best ingredients for a great drink. Stop by our North Portland bar this evening for a cherry-inspired cocktail with Knob Creek Bourbon and The Bitter Housewife’s Cherry Bitters!


Start Cinco de Mayo with Breakfast at Mock Crest Tavern

When you think breakfast in North Portland, you think Mock Crest Tavern.

When you think great Mexican inspired food in North Portland, you think Mock Crest Tavern.

When you think of spending Cinco de Mayo in NoPo you just can’t help but think of Mock Crest Tavern!


This year we’re offering your favorite “South of the Border” food and drinks during Cinco de Mayo. With a little heat and a lot of fresh ingredients, the Mock’s chefswill be serving food and drink specials that will have your taste buds saying “Viva la Mexico!”


Anyone who has stopped by North Portland tavern for breakfast has seen the great Mexican food our kitchen puts out. Classics like Huevos Rancheros and a Southwest Scramble have been featured on our Daily Specials board.


And several varieties of everyone’s favorite tortilla wrapped food make regular appearances, too. A breakfast burrito stuffed with veggies, egg and cheese, or our Breakfast Burrito with Chorizo sausage served with toast and a bit of salsa are often requested by our morning crowd.


Chorizo sausage is also the centerpiece of the Chillaquiles plate, along with eggs and spicy black beans. And, don’t forget the always satisfying Breakfast Quesadillas. Gooey melted cheese and crunchy deliciousness that you can dip into salsa for extra spice, followed by a dip in sour cream to cool you down.


If you’re really hungry—saddle up hombres! Our Wet Burrito is a dish made for someone who wants to fill up for the day. It’s filled with chorizo, beans, onion, eggs and green chilies, then drowned in Mock’s special green or red sauce and finished with a drizzle of sour cream.

Mock - Adequates

Start your Cinco de Mayo celebrations with breakfast at Mock Crest Tavern, then come back that evening for more festivities with The Adequates. They’ll get the party started at 9pm—just in time to order up that last margarita!

A Love Triangle for Valentines at Mock Crest Tavern

Love stories abound at Mock Crest Tavern!

Valentines Day is the perfect excuse for a special night out with the object of your affections, so Mock Crest Tavern has three days of great live bands and a menu full of delicious food and drink in North Portland.

Mock - Castletown.jpg

Castletown on Thursday, February 15

Start off the weekend with the swinging, soulful music of Castletown. Their musical passions emerge in intensely energetic arrangements that feature Katie Jane on the Irish fiddle. Original songs written by both Katie Jane and Robert Richter are enriched with the additional talents of Drew Anymouse on drums and percussion.


Castletown travels all over for concerts up and down the West Coast and we’re very lucky to have them as a Mock regular every third Thursday of the month.


The savory taste of a Mock Blues Burger and a basket of tots provide a savory experience to go along with the unique musical backdrop of the night’s performance.


Add a shot of Jameson Irish Whiskey and order up a cocktail for the night’s refreshment to toast your sweetie.


Alexa Wiley and the Wilderness on Friday, February 16

Portland native Alexa Wiley expresses her love for her home state with a classic Americana songboook. Along with The Wilderness, Alexa performs every other month at Mock, and their music is the perfect sound for our all American menu.

Mock - Bacon Burger.jpg

Order up a classic Bacon Cheeseburger and shoestring fries to go along with Alexa Wiley and the Wilderness’s red, white and blue music. It’s the unofficial taste of our great nation!


Of course, a meal like that deserves a pull from our rotating taps. We always feature a great mix of foreign and domestic brews, craft beer and ciders for you to try.

Mock - The Regulars1

Johnnie Ward’s Sharkskin Revue on Saturday, February 17

Spice up Saturday night with a performance of Johnnie Ward’s Sharkskin Revue! Featuring Portland blues legend Lauren Sheehan, Johnnie Ward’s Sharkskin Revue plays a smoking hot combination of blues, swing and jazz, and is the perfect band to set the tone for an exciting romance.

Mock - Kitchen

Sophisticated music requires a sophisticated meal, including a shared appetizer. Maybe a  Hummus Plate with your beloved.

Mock - V-Day

And, don’t forget to toast the night with a glass of Willamette Valley wine. We’ve got a great selection of wines from around the globe and, as the doctors always say, they are good for your heart, too!

Come to Mock Crest Tavern with your favorite music lover to celebrate Valentines Day and have a night to remember (a day, or two, or three days late)!

Enjoy the Great Taste of Quality Meat in Mock’s Topless Double Burger!

Do you love a juicy burger but you’re still determined to stick your New Years resolution to cut your carb habit after enjoying holiday feasts? At Mock Crest Tavern we may be able to help you reach your goal without losing out on the great taste of America’s favorite meal.


Every good burger begins with high-quality beef. At Mock Crest Tavern, our chefs don’t skimp on taste when they prepare a bun-free Topless Double burger. Using only the juiciest, most delicious meat they can find, they grill it to perfection, with crispy edges on the outside and a perfectly cooked burger on the inside. As it’s sizzling, they throw a slice of cheddar cheese over each patty and let it melt down the sides, sealing in the flavor and adding a creamy layer of great taste. 


Next, they pile it high with two slices of tomato and some onion and skewer it through to a bed a crunchy lettuce leaves before placing it on a plate next to a dill pickle spear and a pile of fries, tater tots, or kettle chips. We also offer a side salad with choice of dressing for an extra charge. It’s a delicious meal that any burger master would to be proud to serve and it’s waiting for you to enjoy!


Whether you are living a carb free life or just prefer to keep the taste of high-quality beef front and center on your plate, a delicious Topless Double burger at Mock Crest Tavern will satisfy all your burger cravings. Stop in and give one a try today at our location on Lombard Street in North Portland.

Mock - Mural2

Join the Mock Crest Tavern Family on Thanksgiving

Turkey, mashed potatoes and gravy and sweet, sweet cranberry sauce–nothing beats a plate full of great home-style holiday dishes. If you’re looking for a great meal and a friendly crowd this holiday stop by Mock Crest Tavern for our special of the day.

Mock - Turkey Meal

This Thanksgiving our kitchen will be serving an open-faced roast turkey sandwich, with a heaping helping of mashed potatoes and gravy and ruby red cranberry sauce on the side. But, if you don’t think turkey is worth of celebration the rest of Mock’s menu is full of great dishes that are sure to satisfy.

Give one of our juicy burgers a try. We have eight different varieties on our menu, ranging from the tried and true 1/3 lb. Cheeseburger, to our Mock’s Monster Burger–double dose of our 1/3 lbs. patties layered with two cheeses, a fried egg, bacon and ham. Add on a side of fries, onion rings or tater tots and you’ll feel stuffed just like a turkey with t
his one!

People love gobbling up our sandwich menu, too. We’ve got the standards–Turkey, Clubs and BLTs–but we’ve also but some specialties you won’t find anywhere else in North Portland, like our bacon and tomato Loaded Grilled cCheese, the Grilled Turkey Bacon Cheddar Melt, or our Pita Bacon Blues, because bacon is always something to be thankful for!


And, don’t overlook our Chicken or Burger Topped Salad, Chicken Breast Strips and Fish & Chips. Our menu is full of tasty meals that make everyday a celebration!

Wash it down with a beer, cider, wine or a cocktail from our bar and you’ve got your holiday meal complete, from soup to nuts!


This Thursday, join you friends at Mock Crest Tavern for a Thanksgiving meal that’s made to order just for you!

The Luck of the Irish is Upon Us at Mock Crest Tavern

Mock - St. Pats

St. Patrick’s Day is this Friday and that means all of us at Mock Crest Tavern are getting ready to celebrate the Emerald Isle with Irish food, drinks and a great band, Under the Lake.

Mock - Under the Lake

Portland’s Under the Lake will set the party mood with their internationally recognized funk-jazz-soul music, with Nat Caranto on alto sax, John Moak on Trombone, guitarist Evan Mustard, bassist Kenny Franklin, Jeff Jones banging it out on drums and Jayson Tripp on keyboard.

Behind the bar we’ll be wearing green and serving up drinks and dishes with a nod to the Irish pub scene. Jameson ($6 per glass) and Redbreast ($8) Irish Whiskeys will be filling our glasses, as will Ireland’s iconic beer, Guinness at $4 a pint. Mix it up with a doubled-up shot of Guinness and Jameson ($9) or try a Car Bomb ($7), a half pint of Guinness, a half-ounce shot of Jameson Irish Whiskey and Baileys Irish Cream. Then it’s up to you to drop the shot glass into the beer and chug it down.


Enter a caption

For me, I’ll be ordering up my favorite; Irish Coffee for $7. It’s a drink that perfectly combines Portland’s coffee culture with the Emerald Isle’s beloved Jameson Irish Whiskey.


Our kitchen crew will have corned beef, Ireland’s national dish, stewing all day and by the time you come in to party with Under the Lake the savory, rich smell of beef will fill our bar and tempt you into a plate of this scrumptious dish.

Get your green on and come on down to Mock Crest Tavern on Friday, March 17th to enjoy the music of Under the Lake and the best of Irish food and drinks you’ll find in North Portland.


Soup and a Sandwich on a Cold Day

Mock Crest Tavern Building

This has been one of the coldest winters the Pacific Northwest has experienced since I moved here nearly twenty years ago. Freezing temperatures, snow and ice have kept me locked up inside and I’m tired of it. I want to be warm, inside and out. That’s why I braved the elements the other day to hit lunch hour at Mock Crest Tavern.


Mock’s manager Sarah Grace greeted me with a warm smile when I walked in the door. This neighborhood bar treats everyone like part of the family.

Mock - Macs Meal.JPG 

The menu is full of great choices, but for this gloomy day I chose the daily special—a combo plate of their famous Loaded Grilled Cheese and a cup of creamy tomato bisque soup, with a pickle and a pack of oyster crackers cozied up to them. It filled me up and took care of that bone-chilling cold that settled taken over my body since this morning.


I met some friends there and they filled up on a burger and tots and a fish and chips platter.


And, we all enjoyed a drink from the bar. Mock offers top shelf liquor, domestic, foreign and craft beers, wines and, my personal favorite; cider. Check out Mock’s online rotating taps leaderboard to find out what’s available right now.

When your looking to get out of the house during this everlasting deep freeze head over to Mock Crest Tavern for hot food, a drink to warm your insides, and the friendly faces that make Mock Crest Tavern North Portland’s favorite neighborhood bar!