The Art of the Sandwich Board

The sandwich board… such a simple thing:  a small two-sided chalkboard set up on the sidewalk to attract the passerby. Most businesses keep ‘em pretty simple, but bars tend to get rather clever with them.

I’ve found that the best sandwich boards fall into one of 10 categories. So without further ado, here are some of my favorites. 

Desperate for Business

These signs make the point that they need customers – badly.


Simple Q and A

With these signs, there’s no right or wrong answer.


Menu Promotion

It’s not always easy to get the cook and the manager to agree on the day’s special, so sometimes they have to compromise.


Best Deal in Town

Everyone loves a good deal, and you can’t beat a 2-fer!


Bait & Switch

Legitimate businesses aren’t allowed to use bait and switch advertising, but there’s a bad apple in every barrel.


Good Advice

Bartenders are full of good advice. Sometimes they’ll even post it on their sandwich board.


Oops, my bad

Sometimes there is a mis-communication between the bar manager and the guy writing the sandwich board.


Anti-social (media)

Mock Crest is all for you posting your pics on your favorite social media platform, but apparently not everyone shares the same opinion.


Public Service

Nothing is more important than your health and well-being. Just ask your bartender.


Smart Ass Sign Painter

Some of the best sandwich boards are written by the bored employee. Here’s one that was actually posted in front of Mock Crest Tavern: 

Sheep Herder

Have a great day, everyone. And if you need some cheering up, go find a sandwich board.

Sing in the New Year at Mock Crest Tavern

Looking for a fun way to ring in the New Year this Tuesday night? Join us at Mock Crest Tavern for our annual New Years Eve Karaoke Party!

Manager Gabe is pulling out all the stops to make this year’s NYE party the biggest and best yet, with food and drink specials all night long – including his signature pudding shots.


Then at 9 PM, Gabe will be swapping his bar apron for his cordless microphone and hosting NoPo’s Last-of-the-Year-First-of-the-Year Karaoke Party. Pick your favorite songs from among Gabe’s extensive music library, then channel your best Blake Shelton or Mariah Carey. 

Winning scorable weights total 4 points-4

Don’t have the courage to sing in front of others? No problem, Mock’s friendly wait staff will be at the by and by to provide all the liquid courage you need. 

At midnight – if you’re still standing – we’ll take a short break in the singing to hold a free champagne toast to 2020. Who knows, there might even be a spontaneous group sing along of auld lang syne.

If it’s not the best karaoke party of 2020, it will definitely be the first. See you there.



Gabe keeps the good times flowing at Mock Crest Tavern

If you’re a Mock Crest regular you have no doubt seen the friendly guy behind the bar sporting a red beard and a ready smile. He’s Gabe Welch, manager of the establishment and a six year veteran of the Mock Crest tap handles. You see, Gabe once worked at Mock Crest about ten years ago before checking out things in Atlanta, Georgia. “It’s been a great place to come home to,” says Gabe.

Mock Crest Tavern

Gabe Welch, professional mixologist and pudding shot artist.

According to Gabe, Mock Crest is one of the last of the really good dive bars. “The outside says ‘dive bar’,” says Gabe, “but once you step inside, you see it’s really a cool place to hang.”

As Gabe explains it, Mock Crest is also one of the friendliest drinking holes in town. “In this Digital Age, you go into most bars and most the customers are face down, lost in their Smart phones. But at Mock, even a stranger can walk in and strike up a conversation with the first person they see at the counter. It’s just a great place to meet new friends.”

Gabe’s favorite night of the work week is Tuesday night. That’s when he gets to trade in his bar apron for a microphone and host the weekly Service Industry Karaoke Party. “I love interacting with the customers,” says Gabe. “Even those who can’t carry a tune.”

The next time you’re in, be sure to ask Gabe for one of his signature pudding shots. He’s known for piling the whipped creme precariously high. “Haven’t lost one yet,” he insists. But there’s always a first time.

Alexa Wiley – Musical Mistress of the Metaphor

One of the most popular bands to call Mock Crest Tavern home is Alexa Wiley and the Wilderness.

Alexa is leader of the band: singer, songwriter and all around lover of the great outdoors. Alexa is known far and wide for her songwriting skills and her magical use of the metaphor. Hence, the band’s tagline “Metaphorical music that rocks.”  Take a listen here.

Alexa Wiley at Mock Crest Tavern

Alexa Wiley and the Wilderness perform regularly at Mock Crest Tavern.

Truth be told, Alexa uses the metaphor like Betty Crocker uses flour. Her songs about the environment come from the heart and are rich in meaning. 

For Alexa, the environment is not just a subject of her songs, it is her life. When she’s not busy touring with her band, she is working for the U.S. Forest Service and championing Outdoor School for All, Columbia Riverkeeper, and other outdoor causes.

Alexa Wiley and the Wilderness

Alexa champions the environment and the great outdoors in many of her songs.

Her bandmates represent a who’s who of Portland’s music scene, with Bret Malmquist on lead guitar, Dale Turnbull on bass, Sean Oldham on drums, and Steve Dearborn playing most anything that will make a sound. The band’s creations are an eclectic mix of jazz, country, and folk that is otherwise all but impossible to classify. But who needs a label, right? 

Be sure to check the Mock Crest and Yukon Tavern Event Calendars for upcoming dates. You can also purchase her music at her website.

Alexa Wiley at Yukon Tavern

Alexa and her band also appear regularly at our sister pub Yukon Tavern.

Alexa and The Wilderness appear regularly at Mock Crest Tavern and her sister pub Yukon Tavern. They love playing the local tavern scene and especially enjoy the intimacy of each setting. Says bandmate Dale Turnbull, “We love the feeling of having the audience right on our laps.”

I assume he is speaking metaphorically.

Spirited fun awaits at Mock Crest’s annual Scaryoke Party

Karaoke night is fast becoming the most popular party night in Portland. Oh sure, kids have always loved Halloween for the chance to dress up and go door to do in search of treats. But why should the little ones have all the fun?

That’s what Mock Crest asked themselves when they came up with their annual Scaryoke Party. Now in its second year, Scaryoke is what you might say is the spooky version of Karaoke Night. A night filled with laughter, song, and supportive cheering from your friends and other party-goers.

Halloween Scaryoke-3
Mark your calendar for NoPo’s favorite Halloween Karaoke Party.


Attendees are encouraged to dress up in their best costumes. And while costumes are not mandatory, if you do wear one, you’ll receive a free beverage as a Mock Crest’s treat. (Sorry, folks, a hat is not a costume.) Later during the night, the attendee selected as wearing the best costume will receive a special prize! 

Of course, no party would be complete without food and drink, so Mock Crest will also have plenty of brew and Halloween-themed food specials to help get you in the Halloween spirit.

Now for the scaryoke part…

Halloween Scaryoke-4

Grab some friends and grab a mic!

The night is sure to be dominated by neighborhood locals booming their favorite songs from the Mock Crest “stage”. You are also sure to hear such Halloween standards as “Monster Mash,” “Thriller” and “Ghostbusters”. A little spooked about singing in front of others? Don’t be afraid – you can always keep your mask on. Plus, you’ll find the Mock Crest crowd to be very supportive, regardless of your level of talent. Plus, Mock Crest’s friendly bar staff will be at the ready with plenty of liquid courage.

Halloween Scaryoke-5

Afraid to sing in public? Fear not: Mock Crest will have plenty of liquid courage on tap.

So grab your friends and join us Thursday night, October 31st for our Annual Halloween Scaryoke Party. The fun starts at 9pm and runs till the witching hour!


SIN takes center stage every Tuesday nite at Mock Crest Tavern

The last time I looked, there were some 80 National Days on the Calendar –not counting National Mew Year Day for Cats, which has yet to be recognized by Presidential Proclamation. With everything from White Cane Sugar Day to National Tartan Day (I am not making these up), it seems only fitting there should be at least one day out of the year to recognize the hard-working men and women of Portland’s Service Industry. Or, more specifically, Bartenders, Waiters, Waitresses, and Bar Backs. (Sorry McDonald’s Drive-thru worker, you’re not on the list.) 


Service Industry Night brings out NoPo’s finest. Or so we are told.

So Mock Crest Tavern has done just that and then some, with their very own Service Industry Night (SIN).

The fun starts at 9 PM, when Mock Crest breaks out the karaoke machine. Then, everyone, regardless of their profession, vocation or lack of talent, is invited to grab the mic and belt out their favorite song. 


Revelers enjoying Mock’s famous pudding shots.

Lack the nerve to sing in front of strangers? No worries: Mock Crest has plenty of liquid courage on tap, including a rotating selection of no fewer than 8 craft beers. And you don’t want to pass on the Mock’s famous pudding shots.


Release your inner Justin Timberlake.

Along with the karaoke, you can also partake of a number of food and drink specials. Just show your OLCC card to claim your discount.

Oh – I almost forgot – Happy Leif Erickson Day!

Missing Mock Crest Tavern

The time has come to bid a fond farewell to one of my favorite North Portland taverns where I go to relax and enjoy an evening out with friends. I’m moving to a new city now and packing up my suitcase of memories that I’ve made at Mock Crest Tavern.

Mock - Good Times1

The Best in Live Music in Portland

I’ve spent many nights at Mock, listening to some of the best live music you’ll find in Portland. I’ve gotten to know a few of the band members and witness their passion for music. Every time I go out to Mock to hear a band I know I’m in for a memorable night.

Delicious Food and Drink

Mock’s pint-sized kitchen is legendary for turning out delicious food. Their daily specials surprise and delight and their weekend breakfasts go far beyond what you’d expect of a small neighborhood tavern.

Likewise, their drink selection is above par. Inventive, delicious, and timely; their drinks are made to satisfy by Mock’s expert bartenders who are devoted to their art.

Mock - Cheeseburger Sliders1

The Atmosphere

Mock Crest Tavern is just the kind of place I look for when I want to relax after a day at work. It’s a quiet little bar with a laid-back atmosphere when I get there at five and, when the band kicks up at nine, I’m ready for a joyful night of great blues, rock, and Americana music.


I may have to say good-bye to Mock Crest Tavern, but my memories will keep me smiling. Don’t miss out on your chance to make those same kinds of memories every week at Mock Crest Tavern.