Join us at Mock Crest Tavern on St. Patrick’s Day to Celebrate and Test Your Bar Trivia Knowledge

It’s St. Patrick’s Day! You know you can count on Mock Crest Tavern to take you on a liquid trip to the Emerald Isle, with eight beers featured on our rotating taps and a lucky night of fun with Roy Smallwood and his Quizzys Bar Trivia.

Yukon - St. Patrick's Day1

A Holiday for Beer Lovers

St. Patrick’s Day is an international holiday celebrating people’s love of beer. We want you to celebrate with us on that momentous day! Come into Mock Crest Tavern for a cool pint of your favorite beer (whether or not you choose a Irish brew). Our rotating taps feature eight of the best beers sold in North Portland, (check out our automatically updated leader board here), including a delicious selection of local craft beers.

Cloudy Guinness

For those who want to indulge in an authentic Irish beer, we’ve got Guinness Stout waiting for you! This is the most popular beer to be found in Ireland and a favorite of Mock’s owners, Jon and Rainer.

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The Irish Spirit Lives Inside a Bottle of Jameson Irish Whiskey

For those who enjoy a great tasting Irish whiskey we’ve got Jameson brand Irish whiskey ready to warm your soul. It’s smooth taste carries with it the warmth you’d expect from a carefully crafted spirit.

Quzzys with Roy Smallwood

Trivia Buffs May Find Good Luck at Mock Crest Tavern

The luck of the Irish might be on your side when Roy Smallwood brings his traveling quiz show to Mock Crest Tavern on Sunday, March 17th. Every Sunday Roy takes to the mic to ask the tough, and ridiculous, questions you’d expect in a bar. Come out and test your random knowledge quotient with his irreverent style of play. Winners receive gift certificates to use at Mock Crest Tavern, or any of our family of bars—Greeley Avenue Bar and Grill and the Yukon Tavern in SE Portland—and bragging rights for the night.

Mock Crest Friends

Follow the rainbow to Mock Crest Tavern on St. Patrick’s Day, where the Irish spirit is represented in great beer and whisky, and lucky Quizzys trivia!


Our Happy Hour Menu Has Something for Everyone

It’s no surprise that at the end of a busy day all you can think about is finding a relaxing place to enjoy a bite to eat and a cool beverage. Mock Crest Tavern caters to that hard working crowd with two Happy Hours filled with delicious choices in food and drinks.


The Beer

Take a sip of the golden nectar with 50¢ off domestic drafts and 75¢ off micro drafts. Our rotating taps feature a wide variety of brews that are a favorite of our North Portland crowd.


The Cocktails

Well drinks are also included in our Happy Hour menu. At $4 each, you can treat yourself and your friends! And, for wine drinkers we’ve included a selection of wines for $1 a glass. It’s such a good offer you might as well try a few vintages.


The Food

Our menu includes several dishes at different prices to satisfy those after work hunger pains. For only $4 you get a basket of freshly fried tater tots, French fries, or a cup o’ soup. Every day our chefs whip up a hearty soup that’s especially good to eat on cold, rainy February days. Look for clam chowder, vegetable beef, chicken noodles, and many more varieties. Each day it’s something different.


Are you ready for a meal? Fill up on fresh greens with one of Mock’s packed garden salads. How about a sandwich? We’ll serve you a BLT ½ sandwich on toasted bread. Or maybe it’s an appetizer you’re craving? Go for our hummus and pita plate. All these great choices are only $5!

Mock - Happy Hour_Kim

Pile on the finger food with everyone’s favorite $6 onion rings, fried pickles and jalapeno poppers! They are the standard in pub grub and come with a side of smiles from our wait staff. We’ve got several dipping sauces that range from sweet to extra spicy to add even more flavor.


Are you looking for an appetizer that eats like a meal? Dive into our cheeseburger sliders with grilled onions, a buffalo and blue veggie slider, or chicken strips for a filling $7 meal. Any of these baskets will fill you up, but you may want to pair them with a basket of tater tots, French fries, or the green salad from our Happy Hour menu.

Come to Mock Crest Tavern after work and join us for our first Happy Hour of the day from 3-6pm, then stick around from 11pm to close for more “good food, good music, and great times!”

Mock Crest Tavern Deemed a “A North Portland Classic” by Portland’s Beerchaser

Beer aficionados from The Beerchaser blog recently featured Mock Crest Tavern in its yearly round-up, recognizing our bar as one of Portland’s most authentic “dive” bars!


In his blog post “The Beerchasers’ Best Portland Dive Bars,” blogger Don Williams names Mock Crest Tavern as one of the best places to have a beer in Portland. Stating that our bar “is definitely a classic and borders on being a neighborhood establishment rather than classified as a dive” due to our long history in North Portland’s Mock Crest neighborhood. He also credits our our rotating drafts and three nights a week live music schedule as significant features that make us more than a typical dive bar.

Mock - Service Industry Night1

We couldn’t agree more with Williams (of course!). Our bar has all the features of a classic dive bar, yet goes beyond what you would expect. Our bar is stocked with Portland’s most popular beers, from standard domestic brews, to the Portland craft beers that captures the greatness of the Pacific Northwest in a bottle. (Want to see what’s being poured right now? Check out our online leader board to see what drafts are currently being featured on our rotating taps.)

Mock - Breakfast1

But it’s not just the great beer that William sites in his post. He also gives us props for our delicious menu! His favorite is an appetizer—the fried pickles—but he also comments about the breakfast plates. Our chefs are magicians in the mini kitchen they oversee and many of our regulars come in for the breakfast menu and come back for lunch and dinner, too!


Of course, Williams didn’t overlook our long history of hosting the best live blues musicians playing in small bars. Our stage comes to life every Thursday, Friday, and Saturday with acts from across the globe and regularly feature local blues favorites that come to us through the Cascadia Blues Association. (Check out our calendar to see who’s playing this weekend!)

Bars near University of Portland

If you are looking for an upscale, yet classic dive bar experience come out to Mock Crest Tavern. Experts like Don Williams of The Beerchaser agree, we’re one of the classics that “has a huge personality.”


Looking for Love at Mock Crest Tavern

Celebrate Valentine’s Day at Mock Crest Tavernwith live music, great food and drinks, and a toast to your special someone!

Mock - V-Day

Claes Almroth Trio Serenades the Crowd

This year, Valentine’s Day falls on a Thursday, the first day of our weekly three day weekends. The Claes Almroth Triowill be taking the stage that night to give us a memorable evening of great live music. If you love the blues,  you’ll love this band. And, if you aren’t a fan of Valentine’s Day, the blues, with its soulful styling, is the perfect musical genre for you! Claes is a regular at Mock Crest Tavern and often brings his friends along to join him in providing the musical backdrop to our weekends.

Mock - V-Day_Victor

The Best Drinks to Toast Your Love

No Valentine’s Day would be complete without a fine glass of wine to toast your love. Our bar carries the best wines, including favorite award-winning vintages from our very own, beloved Willamette Valley.

Mock - V-Day1

If you’re favorite drink happens to be beer you’re sure to fall in love with our selection of foreign, domestic and craft brews. Check out our seasonal selections for a special treat and try out a new flavor of your favorite brand.

Mock - V-Day2

Put a sophisticated spin on your evening with a expertly crafted cocktail made by Mock’s imaginative bartenders. We’ve got a full bar with top shelf liquor that can add a special punch to your favorite drinks. Try out our specials and get experimental with the new concoctions we’ve designed for the month.

Spend Valentine’s Day with your special someone at Mock Crest Tavern. We’ll give you the love you’re looking for with great live music and a special toast that shows we know just how special you a

Mojo Holler, Veterans of South by Southwest, at Mock Crest Tavern

With a name like Mojo Holler you can bet you’re in for a wild musical adventure. That’s the case when this three-person band brings their rollickin’ indie folk rock music to Mock Crest Tavern this Saturday!

Mojo Holler formed in 2012 as the duo “Missi & Mister Baker” (yes, those are their real names). Missi plays the role of vocalist and guitarist, while Mister tears it up on lap steel, slide, and dobro. With the addition of bass guitarist Eric Shirazi, they have created an infectious, funky musical style with complex rock and country influences and rich vocals that lean on the legendary sounds of Janis Joplin and Fleetwood Mac.

mock - mojo holler2

After the release of Mojo Holler’s debut album, “Where Black Ravens Flew” in late 2014 they were asked to take the stage at the famous South By Southwest music festival in 2016, and from there they have become a favorite of music venues just like Mock Crest Tavern.

mock - mojo holler1

Our bar is the perfect place for a band like Mojo Holler to perform. The small venue fosters an intimate environment that harkens back to the dance halls, living rooms, and front porches where American folk music was born and where it continues to sound the most authentic.

mock - mojo holler

Mock Crest Tavern is North Portland’s favorite music venue because we feature three great bands a week, like Mojo Holler. Check out our calendarto see who we’ve got playing this month. Join us at this Saturday, January 26that 9pm and go on a wild ride with the music of Mojo Holler!

Start Working on Your New Year’s Resolution at Mock Crest Tavern

The new year is here and for many of us that means we have to tackle those new year’s resolutions. But don’t get discouraged as you readjust to your new diet, Mock Crest Tavernhas delicious menuchoices you can indulge in without the guilt.

Healthy Bar food

Heart Healthy Appetizers

Load up on the veggies before your meal with a hummus plate for the table. Fresh tomatoes, cucumbers, onion, crumbled feta cheese, a cupful of pickled peppers and olives and warm pita accompany hummus drizzled with olive oil. It’ll get you filled up with healthy calories so you don’t overindulge later.

Keto food in North portland

Filling Entrees that Won’t Throw You Off Track

Are you looking to cut carbs? Order up any of Mock’s delicious burgers, sans bun. Our premium beef can stand alone on a plate. Topped off with lettuce, tomato, and onion and a slice of pickle on the side. Treat yourself to a side of tater tots, onion rings, fries, or chips or opt for a side salad. This is perfect for those following a keto or gluten-free diet.

Healthy pub grub

Salads that Satisfy

Mock has several salads that are perfect options for those seeking to cut calories and add good nutrition to their diets. We begin with mixed greens and tomatoes, cucumbers, and onion, then top it with a chicken breast. If you want a simpler salad try our garden side salad. You’ll always get the freshest veggies and a selection of dressing.

Come into Mock Crest Tavern for a healthy, satisfying, delicious meal that will start your new year’s resolutions off right!

Start Your New Year’s Party Early with Three Bands Playing at Mock Crest Tavern

It’s a rocking’ start to the 2019, with three bands playing at Mock Crest Tavern in North Portland! We’re getting the party going with three days of live music leading up to New Year’s Eve. Here’s our lineup for the Thursday, Friday, and Saturday leading up to the New Year.

Mock - Johnnie Ward

Johnnie Ward & the Eagle Ridin’ Papas (Thursday, December 27 at 8:30PM)

The stage heats up with smoldering hot blues, swing and jazz brought to you courtesy of Johnnie Ward and the Eagle Ridin’ Papas. Johnnie Ward was part of the movement that resurrected the blues venue in Portland in 1970 and since then has performed with bands including the PH Phactor Jug Band, as well as opening for Moby Grape, The Grateful Dead, Pentangle, The Doors, and several other well-known musical acts. Ward plays regularly at Mock with different groups comprised of his favorite musicians (Check out our calendar for dates.)


Big Bossa Quartet (Friday, December 28 at 9PM)

Big Bossa Quartet come to our stage with new versions of familiar modern day hits, like “Easy Rider” and play them like you’ve never heard before. Bandleader and vibraphone player Evan Shlaes has been part of the music scene since his teenage years in Chicago coffeehouses and bars. In the 1970s he came out to the West Coast and found a home in Portland where he’s been sharing his love of music with us every fourth Friday of the month.

Mock - Three Bands1.jpeg

Dakota Bob & the Business Man’s Blues Band (Saturday, December 29 at 9PM)

Dakota Bob & the Business Man’s Blues Band will be taking us into Saturday night with Classic Chicago and Texas Style Blues. Leading the band on harmonica, the blues lovin’ band is a fixture on the live music scene up and down the Pacific Northwest’s I-5 corridor and can be seen in bars in Seattle, Federal Way, Tacoma, and Portland.