Harvey Brindell and the Tablerockers Bring the Blues to Mock Crest Tavern

Playing the blues isn’t just about hittin’ every note perfectly. The blues is a different kind of music—one that requires both your skill and your soul. Harvey Brindell and the Tablerockers can claim both when they pick up their instruments and take the stage at Mock Crest Tavern.

Harvey Brindell and the Tablerockers

Harvey Brindell tells stories from his own life and others when he picks up his guitar. Sometimes they are rollickin’ fun and sometimes they pack an emotional punch, but they always come straight from his soul. With a career spanning over thirty years and stretching across the Northeast, Southeast, Midwest, and now the Pacific Northwest, Brindell can pick and choose the regional sound he wants to accompany his storytelling to bring even more authenticity to his music.

Mock - Harvey Brindell

Brindell’s bandmates, the Tablerockers, add their own stylized storytelling skills to the music. With Ray Beltran on harmonica and vocals, Richard Wilkins on bass and vocals, and Jon Barber on drums, they have taken their place in Portland’s live music scene. In recent years they have received awards from the Cascade Blues Association and have backedblues legends across the United States.

Harvey Brindell and the Tablerockers

Image by: Penny Kay Photography

With his signature Chicago “bluesman” style—a fedora and sharp suit—Harvey Brindell not only performs the blues, he lives the blues. Because of this, Brindell’s shows offer an authenticity that is impossible to duplicate.

Join your friends at Mock Crest Tavern on Saturday, April 13th at 9pm to experience true Chicago blues with Harvey Brindell and the Tablerockers.

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