Looking for Love at Mock Crest Tavern

Celebrate Valentine’s Day at Mock Crest Tavernwith live music, great food and drinks, and a toast to your special someone!

Mock - V-Day

Claes Almroth Trio Serenades the Crowd

This year, Valentine’s Day falls on a Thursday, the first day of our weekly three day weekends. The Claes Almroth Triowill be taking the stage that night to give us a memorable evening of great live music. If you love the blues,  you’ll love this band. And, if you aren’t a fan of Valentine’s Day, the blues, with its soulful styling, is the perfect musical genre for you! Claes is a regular at Mock Crest Tavern and often brings his friends along to join him in providing the musical backdrop to our weekends.

Mock - V-Day_Victor

The Best Drinks to Toast Your Love

No Valentine’s Day would be complete without a fine glass of wine to toast your love. Our bar carries the best wines, including favorite award-winning vintages from our very own, beloved Willamette Valley.

Mock - V-Day1

If you’re favorite drink happens to be beer you’re sure to fall in love with our selection of foreign, domestic and craft brews. Check out our seasonal selections for a special treat and try out a new flavor of your favorite brand.

Mock - V-Day2

Put a sophisticated spin on your evening with a expertly crafted cocktail made by Mock’s imaginative bartenders. We’ve got a full bar with top shelf liquor that can add a special punch to your favorite drinks. Try out our specials and get experimental with the new concoctions we’ve designed for the month.

Spend Valentine’s Day with your special someone at Mock Crest Tavern. We’ll give you the love you’re looking for with great live music and a special toast that shows we know just how special you a

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