Start Working on Your New Year’s Resolution at Mock Crest Tavern

The new year is here and for many of us that means we have to tackle those new year’s resolutions. But don’t get discouraged as you readjust to your new diet, Mock Crest Tavernhas delicious menuchoices you can indulge in without the guilt.

Healthy Bar food

Heart Healthy Appetizers

Load up on the veggies before your meal with a hummus plate for the table. Fresh tomatoes, cucumbers, onion, crumbled feta cheese, a cupful of pickled peppers and olives and warm pita accompany hummus drizzled with olive oil. It’ll get you filled up with healthy calories so you don’t overindulge later.

Keto food in North portland

Filling Entrees that Won’t Throw You Off Track

Are you looking to cut carbs? Order up any of Mock’s delicious burgers, sans bun. Our premium beef can stand alone on a plate. Topped off with lettuce, tomato, and onion and a slice of pickle on the side. Treat yourself to a side of tater tots, onion rings, fries, or chips or opt for a side salad. This is perfect for those following a keto or gluten-free diet.

Healthy pub grub

Salads that Satisfy

Mock has several salads that are perfect options for those seeking to cut calories and add good nutrition to their diets. We begin with mixed greens and tomatoes, cucumbers, and onion, then top it with a chicken breast. If you want a simpler salad try our garden side salad. You’ll always get the freshest veggies and a selection of dressing.

Come into Mock Crest Tavern for a healthy, satisfying, delicious meal that will start your new year’s resolutions off right!

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