Arrogant Bastards Arrive at Mock Crest Tavern

Is it confidence, or is it arrogance? Maybe it’s just great music by Arrogant Bastards at Mock Crest Tavern on Saturday, February 24th.

Mock - Arrogant Bastards2.jpg

The Arrogant Bastards are bringing their arsenal of blues, funk and rock to our North Portland stage with all the gut and grind you’d expect from a band that has labeled themselves the “Bad Boys of Portland Blues.” Mock is the perfect bar to play host to their diverse musical style that is describes as “swampy soul of the Gulf Coast” and “hard driving blues style of Texas, with a splash of funkiness reminiscent of Motown and Minneapolis.” All that energy fuels their unique sound and induces their audiences to move along with each beat of the drum and each strike on their electric guitar.

Mock - Arrogant Bastards1.jpg

The five-member band is the creative dream of Big Daddy James on drums and vocals, Brad on keyboards, John on bass, Michael on lead guitar and vocals and Paul on vocals and rhythm guitar. They come from all four corners of the United States and bring with them influences the fuel their music with the raw sound of underground and garage based bands.

Mock - Private Parties5

Expect to hear classic favorites, like Hendrix, Zepplin, Deep Purple, Pink Floyd and Zappa infused with jazz, blues, and funk during their sets. It’s a trip down the FM stations when you could hear the unexpected new artists that are now standard in radio formatting. Arrogant Bastards takes us back to those days of discovery by reinterpreting their familiar songbooks through their own unique sound.

MCT - Kitchen

Come out to Mock Crest Tavern on Saturday, February 24 for Arrogant Bastards. You’ll find that all that “arrogance” is warranted by their ability to play damn good music.


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