Enjoy the Great Taste of Quality Meat in Mock’s Topless Double Burger!

Do you love a juicy burger but you’re still determined to stick your New Years resolution to cut your carb habit after enjoying holiday feasts? At Mock Crest Tavern we may be able to help you reach your goal without losing out on the great taste of America’s favorite meal.


Every good burger begins with high-quality beef. At Mock Crest Tavern, our chefs don’t skimp on taste when they prepare a bun-free Topless Double burger. Using only the juiciest, most delicious meat they can find, they grill it to perfection, with crispy edges on the outside and a perfectly cooked burger on the inside. As it’s sizzling, they throw a slice of cheddar cheese over each patty and let it melt down the sides, sealing in the flavor and adding a creamy layer of great taste. 


Next, they pile it high with two slices of tomato and some onion and skewer it through to a bed a crunchy lettuce leaves before placing it on a plate next to a dill pickle spear and a pile of fries, tater tots, or kettle chips. We also offer a side salad with choice of dressing for an extra charge. It’s a delicious meal that any burger master would to be proud to serve and it’s waiting for you to enjoy!


Whether you are living a carb free life or just prefer to keep the taste of high-quality beef front and center on your plate, a delicious Topless Double burger at Mock Crest Tavern will satisfy all your burger cravings. Stop in and give one a try today at our location on Lombard Street in North Portland.

Mock - Mural2


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