The Adequates Bring Down the House at Mock Crest Tavern

Last weekend was the first time I was able to make it out to hear The Adequates at Mock Crest Tavern, and they were more than just adequate. They were a dynamic, raucous music-making machine!

DSC05314 (1)

Made up of longtime friends Don Henson, on drums and keyboard, and John Stapleton, lead singer and guitar, this band stems from a relationship first formed over twenty years ago. After losing touch for a decade, they teamed back up and added in a few new friends to reinvent the original Adequates sound. Mike Cheddar, from Don’s other band Sneakin’ Out, joins in on bass and Dean Peters plays everything from tambourine to the mouth harp, in between his turn at vocals.


When you come out to Mock to hear The Adequates jam expect to hear Bruce Springsteen, the Rolling Stones, the Clash, and Led Zeppelin. Anything goes with this band. The night I was there they paid special tribute to Stapleton’s father with “The Weight” by the Band. One of the few times this energetic group slowed the set down.


Long standing relationships brought this band back together after twenty years and it’s that deep-rooted bond, plus a love for great music, that keeps the music machine powering down the road. And its their relationship with the Mock Crest Tavern crowd that brings the energy.


Join us when The Adequates rock the house! You’ll want to check our calendar because they take to the Mock Crest Tavern “Carpet” stage at least a once a month, and always at 9pm.

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