Meet Sarah Grace; Mock Crest Tavern’s New Manager

What could be better than working in a place that feels like home? That’s what Sarah Grace asked herself when she was offered the chance to join the Mock Crest Tavern management team, and it’s the same home-away-from-home feeling she brings to our bar every day.


Sarah fell in love with North Portland when she moved to the Rose City from Bellingham, Washington. The diversity of the population and the everyman, laid-back vibe of the city’s “fifth district” and became a regular customer of here soon after the move. Sarah came back for the casual atmosphere and friendly faces and fell in love with our “good food, good music and good times,” it was just what she needed after a day of work. join her friends on the patio with a craft beer and a Blues Burger.

Mock Crest Tavern

After spending a year helping out with the administrative duties, owners Jon and Rainer recognized her love for Mock Crest Tavern and the customers as the perfect combination for the role of manager. Now, she oversees the day-to-day business activities for Mock, all while feeling right at home at Mock Crest Tavern.

“The atmosphere at Mock is relaxed and people come here just to chill out, so it’s no surprise that working here is almost like being home.”

-Sarah Grace

Mock - Private Parties5

Sarah has taken an active part in every aspect of managing Mock, from behind the bar and in the kitchen, to the behind the scenes business side. There are many things she loves about the job, the great live bands (her favorites; Bad Assets and Big Bossa Quartet) and the delicious food (Sarah loves creating the daily specials, like Reuben Soup, Mac & Cheese, and Tuna Melts) and drinks (Fireball and Maker’s on the rocks), but what she loves the most is the feeling of being with friends.


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