Dark Horse Rides Into Mock Crest Tavern

Saddle up, music lovers, because Dark Horse is riding into North Portland to take the stage at Mock Crest Tavern!


Dark Horse comes to us from Salem, where band founders and guitarists Steven Hormann and Mike Reynolds first formed the band over twenty years ago. Today, the six-piece group has grown to include mandolin player Ben Wiebe, violinist Ruth Ames, drummer Bill Dye, and Kurt Beeken on bass.

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The band crosses genres, playing covers and their own folk/rock music. “For us, it’s less about the genre that we are playing and more about a specific song. We all have our own backgrounds that affects what style of songs we are attracted to, especially when it comes to choosing a cover. But we just love making music together, and we love making emotional, moving, fun music!” Ruth explains.

Mock:Tracey Fordice

With such a wide embrace of all musical genres, it’s not surprising that Dark Horse pulls inspiration from sources as different as Andre Segovia to Led Zeppelin, or traditional Celtic tunes to Pink Floyd. Add in the jazz and classical influences found in a lifetime of music lessons and you get a performance that is perfect for an intimate venue like Mock Crest Tavern.

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Come out to Mock Crest Tavern on Saturday, June 24th to listen to Salem’s Dark Horse. The show starts at 9am, and check our calendar for more great bands playing this summer!

How Do Bartenders Conduct Research? Mock’s Annual Pub Crawl!

Mock Crest Taver

Our ride for the night: Double Decker PDX.

One thing has always been true about Mock Crest Tavern’s bartenders and wait staff: they always strive to provide the best experience for every person who enters our North Portland establishment. Owners Jon and Rainer believe the best way to do this is to experience Portland’s legendary bar scene, and that’s why every year they gather their staff and hit the road for a research tour unlike any other.


The annual Pub Crawl brings the staff from all three of our family of bars—Mock Crest Tavern, Greeley Avenue Bar & Grill in North Portland and the Southeast’s Yukon Tavern—for an evening of tasting, evaluating, and discussions of what makes great service, inviting décor, and delicious food and drinks.


We traveled to seven bars during our tour and each one was distinctive. From beloved neighborhood bars, to sophisticated pubs that draw crowds from across the city.


All offered their own unique take on the Portland bar scene.


We even stepped into a new taproom that featured a “green” beverage.


We sampled their food menu, too. Wood fired pizza, grilled asparagus with aioli, ta-choes (a nacho plate that begins with a tater tots—yum, yum!). There was no doubt that the legendary Portland food scene translates well into pub grub.


And, of course we sampled their drink menu! So many innovative cocktails, ciders, wines and beers! Our bartenders found many new favorites, as well as the tried and true brews we love to serve.


Yes, our research trip gives us a chance to know our competition and get great new ideas that we can share in our pub, but most of all it gives us all a chance to enjoy the Portland bar scene that we love together with our Mock, Greeley and Yukon teams.

Thanks, Jon and Rainer, for another great pub crawl!



Mock Crest Tavern is Ready for Warm Weather on Our Back Patio


The spring sun is beginning to shine on our beautiful North Portland neighborhood, and Mock Crest Tavern knows everyone wants to be outside as much as possible, so we’ve opened up our back patio and made it ready for everyone who loves an ice-cold beer outside with friends. Mock Crest Tavern Building

Our patio is just like those you’d find at any of your friends’ homes. A partially covered deck and open grassy area, with plenty of seating and enough space for everyone to relax. It’s a great place to grab a smoke, sip a cocktail and listen to the sounds of great live music drifting outside from the live bands that play inside our tavern.

It’s a special event when we open our beloved back yard in the spring. Our deck has always been a great place to hang out during the warmer months, and with our heat lamps placed around the fenced-in area you can party into the night under their warm glow. And our wait staff is happy to join you outside to make sure you’ve got full pints and great food.

Nothing is better than watching the sun glint off an icy glass of beer on a warm spring day. At Mock Crest Tavern there is always room on our back patio for you to enjoy great tasting food and drinks and a good time with friends. Join us at Mock Crest Tavern on Lombard in North Portland and find a seat and a beer on our back deck with all your Mock Crest friends!

Mock - Mac on Back Patio

How to Pour (and drink) A Guinness the Irish Way

Again and again, Portland finds itself at the top of every list as the best city for beer drinkers anywhere in the world. We know beer because we love beer. But do we know the proper way to drink beer?

Mock - Guinness.jpg

On Jon and Rainer’s pub-crawl through Ireland last year, they were schooled on the proper way to pour and drink a Guinness and now they want to share their education with Portland’s beer aficionados. Because, as one Irish bartender told them, “Great bartenders know how to craft a perfect pint.”

Mock - Guinness6

Source: Tim Sackton; Flickr


Here are the finer points of pouring the perfect pint of Guinness:

The “Two Step Pour”

  • Use a Guinness drinking glass, with the Guinness logo.
  • Grip Guinness glass with fingers placed vertically along the side with your forefinger on the harp.
  • Tilt the glass 45 degrees under the tap letting the beer pour onto the harp.
  • Pull the tap handle all the way down, pouring onto the harp .
  • When the beer level reaches bottom of the harp, SLOWLY rotate the glass upright and “STOP at the top” of the harp.
  • Set on bar for viewing and wait 2 minutes, or when the liquid part of the drink reaches the bottom of the harp and the foam is settled on the top.
  • Finish filling the glass with the glass held straight down under the tap.
  • Pour to the very top to create a head that is 3mm above glass and 18mm below to create “provide of the rim,” or the beautiful presentation of a traditional pint of Guinness.

Mock - Guinness5

The “One Step Pour” for Guinness in the can.

  • Place the can on a level surface.
  • Open the can and allow it to sit for five to ten seconds.
  • Tilt the glass 45 degrees, and pour onto the harp.
  • When the level reaches the bottom of the harp, level the glass vertically and finish the pour to create the famous Guinness head.

Note: Don’t be surprised when you pop open a can of Guinness and hear a rattling sound inside. All Guinness cans come with a patented “widget” ball. It’s a little plastic ball that provides movement inside the can to create the optimal head on their thick and creamy stout. Those Guinness brewers think of everything!

FIrst beer in Dublin at the Hairy Lemon

First beer in Dublin at the Hairy Lemon, Rainer Wieland.

And most importantly: How to Drink a Guinness, according to the Guinness master brewer.

Guinness drinkers stand proud! You’ve earned your space at the bar.

  • Elbow up to a horizontal position
  • Eyes to the horizon.
  • Tilt the glass head and enjoy the flavor of the beer. The head should be same size from the first sip to the last.

If you want to practice your skills at drinking Guinness the traditional way visit us at the Mock Crest Tavern in North Portland, where our bartenders will be happy to pour you a pint of Ireland’s favorite brew!


We’re Hitting’ the Links! The Mock Crest Tavern Golf Tournament Is Back!

Grab your clubs, because the annual Mock Crest Tavern Golf Tournament is back, we’re hittin’ the links on Saturday, May 27th!

Yukon - Golf

Our spring golf tournament is one of our most popular events. Golfers from all three of our family of bars; Greeley Avenue Bar and Grill and the Yukon Tavern, join us on the course for nine holes of friendly competition and a day outside in the beautiful Pacific Northwest.

Yukon - Golf 4

In Best Ball play all golfers compete to get the lowest score, or “best ball” for their team, which is then used as the team’s final score for each hole, going up against the best score from the other teams. Best ball can be played with teams of two, three or four players, so grab your friends, family, or random people you met at the Mock Crest and head out to Wildwood Golf Course. Teams will be randomly selected and each player will do their best to carry the round in hopes of taking the whole tournament and claiming champion status of the course.

Yukon - Golf2

Register by May 21st at Mock Crest Tavern to reserve your spot in our spring Golf Tournament happening on May 27th. It will be a day of exciting play on one of Portland’s best courses, followed by dinner and an award ceremony where prizes will be handed out to the best players. Your registration includes eighteen holes of golf and a free rental golf cart. All skill levels are welcome, but sign up now because space is limited.

Mock - Golf Tourney 2017.jpg

Got Spring Fever? Get Vaccinated with a “Shot of the Day” at Mock Crest Tavern

This beautiful weather is making us all sick with Spring Fever! Don’t worry, though, because Mock Crest Tavern has the perfect prescription for all your ills—and, no needles required—it’s Mock’s “Shot of the Day!”

2016-05-10 20.30.20.jpg

Sunday – Buffalo Trace Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey

Don’t forget your “start of the week” vaccination! Buffalo Trace Whiskey combines vanilla, mint and molasses to help guard against the Sunday night blues. This deep amber whiskey has a pleasantly sweet taste with notes of brown sugar and spice that finish with the flavors of oak, toffee, dark fruit and anise. 2016-05-015.jpg

Monday – Jameson Irish Whiskey

It’s Monday, so this might be the most important shot of the week. Cruise into the workweek with Jameson’s perfect balance of nuts, spice and vanilla. This whiskey is exceptionally smooth, with hints of sweet sherry and a light floral fragrance that ends with a hint of spicy pepper and mellow wood flavor.


Tuesday – Makers Mark Kentucky

With smooth and subtle caramel, vanilla and fruity essences, and the aroma of oak, caramel, vanilla and wheat it’s a great incentive to get your work done early so you can reward yourself with this great drink. Maker’s Mark is a favorite among whiskey drinkers and we’re sure you’ll like it, too.


Wednesday – Hornitos Tequila

Ah, tequila! The smooth taste of Hornitos tequila is a perfect escape on “hump day.” Made from 100% blue agave and a hint of citrus, its floral, fruity and herbal taste is warmed with medium body and a short, smooth and dry finish.

2017-04-03 19.33.46

Thursday – Pendleton Canadian Whiskey

You’re beginning to see light at the end of a long week and you might want to celebrate with a shot of whiskey that comes right out of the waters flowing down our own Mt. Hood. Pendleton® Whisky is an oak barrel-aged whisky that uses glacier-fed spring water from Hood River Distillers. Distilled in Canada using the finest ingredients, it presents an uncommonly smooth taste and rich, complex flavor.


Friday – Fireball Cinnamon Whiskey

It’s time to get the party started! Cinnamon may greet your nose when you open the bottle but that sweet firebrand quickly turns into liquid hellfire as it passes over the lips and down the throat. Take a shot of this to get your blood pumping for the weekend!

2017-04-03 19.34.20

Saturday – Old Overholt Straight Rye Whiskey

Old Overholt has been in production since 1810 and is said to be America’s oldest continually maintained brand of whiskey. It’s a rye whiskey, aged for three years and bottled at 80 proof (40% alcohol by volume). This warm and spicy concoction is a great whiskey to help you relax on your day off.

Come into Mock Crest Tavern any day of the week and enjoy one of our “Shots of the Day!”


Mock Crest Tavern Hosts Mad Poker

Here in North Portland you don’t have to head to Vegas for some fast action at the tables. Every Monday night Mock Crest Tavern hosts free games of Texas Hold ‘em with the help of Portland’s own Mad Poker!

Mock - Mad Poker.jpg

Mad Poker is a free local poker league and a favorite among gamblers across Portland. The weekly tournaments run between thours long, depending upon the number of players, with sign-ups beginning thirty minutes prior to game time. The games run until the last player is left and a winner is declared.

2017-04-03 19.14.37.jpg

Dealers have come to know our players well, but they always welcome new players, too. Mad Poker provides a gimmick free, fair play game every time with friendly and competitive play for players of all levels of experience.

2017-04-03 19.29.14.jpg

You’ll find a list of their rules and the legal stipulations on their website, along with a page where players get special recognition for phenomenal hands. There are also details about Mad Poker’s many special events, including bus trips to casinos and their “Randomonium Games,” like Crazy Pineapple, River of Blood, Deuces Wild, Joker Poker, Suicide King and Bed Knob Queen Wilds, and Omaha. The dealers will help you out along the way as you learn new games.

Mad Poker’s dealers cut the deck at 7pm every Monday night at Mock Crest Tavern. And, if you can’t make it to Mock for poker you can visit our two other bars—Greeley Avenue Bar & Grill hosts Mad Poker on Tuesdays and the Yukon Tavern sets up it’s tables in Southeast Portland on Thursdays.

Hope to see you there!